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Inès de la Fressange, its beauty secrets

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His real name betrays its good cot ( Inès Marie Isabelle de Seignard Lætitia Églantine La Fressange) . Daughter of Guy Laroche dummy Argentina and the eccentric Marquis de la Fressange, Young did not dream of becoming a model. First I wanted to be a child psychiatrist, then a lawyer, then a sculptor, painter later … “I loved the clothes and makeup, but as a teenager he would never have recognized that it was a frivolous. Now, I assume . ” With her long legs and his particular way of walking, he created a recognizable and unique style. My lack of professionalism, my continuous trips … were others who decided to turn them into qualities and that allowed me to be more daring every day.”

It has lent his image to all the big names in fashion. The first artist who was hired Kenzo and his first parade was for Thierry Mugler. Then came Ungaro, Gaultier, Chanel Hermès … And, of course. Karl Lagerfeld offered an exclusive contract with the firm and made her his muse . In those years participated in 35 shows per season and their rates they were prohibitive. This summer will be 56 years without losing a bit of cheeky elegance and “savoir faire” that have become the quintessence of the perfect Parisian, remains in the gap. It is one of the world spokespeople for L’Oreal Paris and works for the luxury brand Roger Vivier, as well as being an advisor to all the group ‘s brands (Tod’s, Hogan, Elsa Schiaparelli).

Her beauty secrets
Pink will feel good and you know, like to laugh, have fun … and take care of their fetish cosmetics.
Q. Do you have a secret to keep fit in the
summer? R. fun with my friends.
His favorite sport … P.
R. go shopping.
Q. What is exercise you do most often?
R . Spend my hands through my hair 700 times a day.
Q. When the warm weather arrives … would you rather go to the
gym or exercise outdoors? A. I used to go swimming, but once exhausted after half an hour in the pool Hotel Costes in Paris, I fell asleep and missed a meeting. Therefore, I had to look for a more vigorous exercise: a living and a pair of boxing gloves with Rudy, my coach. It is the only sport that I find really fun.

Q. Does willpower to resist temptation?
R. No, when dealing with certain delicacies. I can not refuse a good Arab pastela, candies, chocolates …

P. A trick to lose three kilos …

R. Stop pecking between hours, take my time for breakfast and dinner, drink grapefruit juice, eat lots of pineapple and chew slowly .

Q. Are you a
good cook?

A. Yes, but I was bored. I cook only once or twice a year, so I have the reputation of not knowing.

Q. What is your specialty?
R. Chicken “a little of everything.” Despiecen ask you a chicken in the market, get into the pot with whatever you have in the pantry. Meanwhile, you go to your room to fix. Naturally, you will not know what to wear, which is better for the stew that simmered needs. Once done, you serve too late, when the guests are already starving. Previously they have served them a good wine to time, and once the chicken is on the table, will be an absolute success.

Q. What is your sin?

R. Laziness. I do grace all those articles that talk about things that I do all my travels, the parties to which I will … but it’s not true, I can spend a whole day at home doing nothing, and I need it as well. But beyond laziness, I was never a great sinner [laughs]. I never was interested in drugs or alcohol, I was never a nocturnal animal.

Q. Do you feel comfortable in your age?

A. Yes, indeed, much more than when I was 20. Now I know more, I feel much better. Today I can say that I managed to agonize less for all that is unimportant. Besides, I’m at a point in which I have very clear what my real priorities.

Q. What is your fetish cosmetic ?.

R. Luckily, I am the image of L’Oreal Revitalift of and is a great product.

Q. A fragrance for this summer …
R. Either Roger Vivier line of perfume I like, in particular, neroli.

Q. And a color to dress …

R. Blue, because it feels good to my skin; and pink in all its shades.

P. Recommend a beauty product when there is
no sun …

R. Cream L’Oreal Sublime Bronze is my accomplice for gray mornings. 

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