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Infallible tricks to make up (successfully) on the first date

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The golden rule before starting: the skin must be clean and well hydrated. If not, no makeup worth. For that, and so you wont have problems the day of your appointment, exfoliate your face 24 hours before and apply a moisturizing mask. The day in question, you only need to wipe the face regularly and you apply your moisturizer, adding this time a bulb flash effect to achieve slightly tighten the skin and makeup set better. Let’s make up!  

1. The foundation

For make
no mistake when choosing the base of your makeup,
try the tone in the forearm rather than in the back of his hand. Often the hand skin tone varies due to temperature and forearm skin resembles much more than the face. As we grow older we should lighten the color of our skin tone for every 10 years.

The council makeup artists: Ideally , apply with a brush, you spend less product and the distribution of the face will be more uniform. But if you’re not used not rehearse today. Do as ever. Two key advice: do not overdo it with the product – better go by excess default– and applying makeup where you need it , avoiding the neck . Makeup face just where it ends.  

2. hydrated and loose eyelashes 

Do not insist on spending and pass the brush. You will only recharge your eyelashes and you subtract naturally. One trick that works is always rizarlas make them up well before . So no need to insist on the mask and have good curved. Color? Not experience. Bet all in black.

Makeup artists advice: If the applicator of your mascara you add a couple of drops of olive oil, ye will not only extend much better, but your lashes will be more loose.

3.Tus eyes, larger

Your eyes must be clean, natural, lively, cheerful. And that you should not abuse the color. I would too sophisticated look and is not the time.

The council makeup artists: To create the illusion of more vivid, expressive eyes, try to draw the eye out, in a basic color like black or chocolate brown, and give it a touch of light shade slightly pearly in eyelid motionless area, without going over . Your eyes light instantly charged.

4. Operation Camouflage

A red granite? Green concealer before applying makeup. ¿Gray areas and you want to smooth off? Yellow concealer. A scar that bothers you? Camúflala with correction in beige and after makeup as usual.

Makeup artists advice: Never try to conceal an imperfection adding kilos and kilos of product. The only thing you will achieve is to further enhance your defect and display a wizened face.

5. Healthy Color

Although hardly go without makeup, give yourself a few touches of very light blush on the cheeks , to have a healthier and radiant.

Makeup artists advice: You can also put some on the chin, forehead and lower oval, if you carry a wide neckline, in line with the start of the chest.  

6. Boca naturally sensuous

If you want your lips to have a smooth and natural look, stop at softer exturas. This is best accomplished by applying a little lipstick with a brush, spreading fine color until only a thin layer or using a matte formulas. Most importantly , they are well delineated to make your lips look clean and “chic” effect.

Makeup artists advice:  When you wear makeup lips put just a touch of gloss or clear gloss on the center of the lip. This effect accentuates the volume of the lips, giving them the feeling of greater meatiness.

7. To make your makeup last

If you apply a little cold mineral water with a spray, let it to dry, and then your makeup, your makeup will last longer. You can also repeat the operation once you have makeup you. And you can do it with sprays of hot spring water.

8. The instruction manual must for a perfect eyebrows:

  • Do it after showering or bathing, to have the open pore . Or applies a warm cloth. 
  • Brow brush to give the desired shape. 
  • With a white eyeliner pencil, outlines the way. It has to be wide and up a little as half progress towards the tail of the eyebrow. Tweeze the hairs that fall outside. 
  • If you want to cut long hairs despeinen , eyebrow brush first. Use the tip precision special scissors. Caring design is symmetrical eyebrows.

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