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A few days ago we presented the first news of this year 2017:
Ionto Lift Eye Contour & Ionto Filler Lip Contour

novel treatments included in the range Black Diamond of MartiDerm, specific to treat lines and wrinkles of expression in the area of eye contour and lip contour.

Today we are going to tell you
a little more about how this revolutionary treatment works.

The term “iontophoresis”
comes from the Greek “Ionto” (ion) and ” phoresis” (transfer). It is a noninvasive technique used in medicine for different therapeutic purposes both as diagnostic; in this case, for aesthetic purposes.

Iontophoresis is based on the
penetration of ionised ingredients , by applying a direct current of low intensity, which gets to the deeper layers of the skin safely and painlessly, by placing two electrodes.

The rationale is that the substances or ingredients ionized electrically charged and tend to move toward the pole of opposite sign, where they are absorbed through the tissues.
Thus, one is achieved
noticeable effect from the first application , without using infiltration techniques.

Some of its most common uses in medicine are treating
hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and physical therapy to treat acute inflammatory conditions of muscle or joint origin.

MartiDerm, as a
leader in cosmetic skin treatments lab continues to innovate to reap the benefits of this technique for the
specific care of eye contour and lip contour.

For proper
application of our patches iontophoresis, follow these simple steps:

In both Ionto Lift Eye Contour as in Ionto Filler Lip Contour, gels used with tensioners active and fillers that achieve
effect lifting in the area around the eyes and a filling effect in the area around the lip, respectively.

MartiDerm takes you home aesthetic medical treatment easy to apply and with visible results from the first session.

You want to check its effects? Go ahead and tell us your experience😉

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