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Is alopecia things of men?

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Hair loss is natural and happens to everyone. For one day you can lose up to 100 hairs as it is renewed. Yet when the loss is excessive must pay attention and can be a symptom of alopecia .

The most common is called alopecia
androgenetic alopecia and can give both men and women. What triggers this type of baldness is hereditary and originates genetics . Like curiosity to emphasize that the alopecia is inherited maternally , ie if the maternal grandfather is bald, alopecia more likely to be taken.

One appears in androgenetic alopecia
hypersensitivity of the hair follicles to male hormones, the androgens. This leads to a decrease in the size of the bulb and body hair, and follicle produces fine and small diameter, such as hair hair. Also it affected the hair cycle: a reduction in the number of hairs in the anagen phase or growth and a relative increase in telogen follicles or resting phase is observed.
Hair care and pay attention to the first symptoms is vital to slow his fall.
In addition with the help of specific hair care products you can get to stimulate growth and slow its fall. ¿ You know the Hair System 3GF last line of hair products MartiDerm ?



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