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Is salt beneficial for the skin? – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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During the summer, bathing in the sea are common practice and also can provide numerous benefits provided there are adequate protective measures. For people with certain skin diseases such as atypical eczema, psoriasis or acne , “the bathing in the sea in combination with humidity and limited sun exposure, the anti – inflammatory effect of ultraviolet sun , they are beneficial” Mayte says Truchuelo, Vithas dermatologist at Hospital Nuestra Señora de America in Madrid, and Vithas International.

Salt has many properties, including notable for its exfoliating and antiseptic effect . ” It is well known to be useful in the treatment of infections of the fingers and around the nails, what is known as a felon . In these cases, “baths in hot water with salt have a very beneficial effect , ” says Truchuelo.

In the field of cosmetic can be used as exfoliating since helps remove debris and dead cells of the skin. The effect astringent salt “can contribute to the removal of excess facial fat , ” he says. However “the skin may be irritated because of the hiperosmolaridad would produce water loss in the skin , ” says dermatologist.

Advantages and disadvantages

Salt seawater known for its richness in essential minerals “that can bring benefits to the skin cells and increase blood circulation throughout the surface of the skin , ” explains Truchuelo. It also has antiseptic propiedas that can contribute to the healing of small wounds , abrasions or cuts and the prevention and treatment of certain infections, according to the specialist. Salt also gives good results in cleaning of clogged pores, hence their utility in the treatment of acne and other diseases, in addition to use as exfoliating.

Dermatologist warns that ” it is important to note that salt can also cause skin irritation and contact with mucous membranes, dryness and dehydration , ” so the direct application of salt in dermatologic cosmetic treatments not so recommended.

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