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Jose Toledo’s beauty secrets: “In my family, women take care of themselves”

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30 years have passed since Jose Toledo pose for the first time before the lens of a photographer. 10 years as a model, starring in advertising campaigns, covers and editorials in Paris, Milan or New York, until, in 1993, began his first TV show in the top 40 of Canal +. It was the beginning of a great career as a presenter -‘Cartelera ‘,’ People ‘,’ Heart to Heart ‘and’ Double Página’- in which always has remained in the limelight. Now quieter than ever with new television projects that will be released soon, receives us to give us their beauty tricks.


Heart You watch your diet much?

Jose Toledo I have never dieted, but I like the unsophisticated foods: fruits, vegetables, fish … Like all, I do not deprive myself of anything, but I like very natural food, I love salads, for example.


C. Are your essential beauty products?

JT A moisturizer with sunscreen and lip balm like Lierac. I combine with 8 hours of Elizabeth Arden. I also really like the tonic, Shiseido and Carita creams for the night.


C. You always takes a very natural makeup.

JT Yes, the truth is that my makeup is very basic. I use the light bases Bobby Brown, Dior mascara, blush Maybelline cream, YSL Touche Eclat concealer and shades of Stila Cosmetics, which by the way, I no longer sold in Spain.


C. Do you sport?

JT Ando pretty and I really like the sport outdoors. I do pilates twice a week and I teach paddle. I summer in the Canary Islands Windsurfing: there is good wind and the beaches are wonderful.


C. In any case, his is also a matter of genetics, because their sisters are great.

JT The truth is that in my family are all thin, both by father and mother. She had a great skin creams but never set. And we therefore, the truth is, we do not go crazy with the theme, besides basic care.


C. arises undergo surgery?

JT am very conservative in that sense, but I understand that if someone has an ugly nose, protruding ears you lose sleep, or little chest, I do. To the face I’m more in favor of preventive care or cosmetic medicine before making a very aggressive treatment. I also have some undesirable michelin, but I ‘d rather get it out with exercise. 


C. What is your hairdresser head? 

JT going to the salon Cheska long. Maria Baras cuts me and makes me hydration treatments regularly. If ever I do color, there too, try to use shampoos without sulfates. I really like the Moroccanoil oil and cut my hair very often. With mane I am also very natural, apart from oil to nourish not use anything else, not lacquer or anything. And I can not live without my GHD, with which I retouch my natural curly hair.


C. Treatment best result has given you?

JT I love Carita treatment cabin. They are very relaxing and the skin is very bright and hydrated.


C. Changes in spring perfume?

JT I Perfumo little. I prefer the chilly waters. The use of Jo Malone and Eau d’Orange, Hermes.


C. Some trick to pose for a photocall?

JT Pray for the lights to play in your favor. Often they are very poor and destroy the work of makeup artists and stylists. I do not like the photocall time, at first I was intimating, now less. In any case it is very important to smile and do not move much. Regard to styling, my advice is: “Less is more.” If you think something left over, probably over.


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