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I am just twenty. How can I brighten my dull and damaged skin?

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you have acne, wrinkles, pimples, psoriasis, spots or even cancer. Whatever. The skin is the perfect body wrap and you just have to give it the necessary elements so that it recovers its balance and harmony. The skin has very important functions such as protecting the body, absorbing oxygen and through its tiny pores disposes at all times toxic substances that the body no longer requires through sweat. The skin is also known as the second kidney , is the largest organ of the body and due to its innumerable and fine nerve endings we can feel a contact with the environment.

When the skin becomes weak, stained or diseased, it is mainly due to the fact that there is some kind of lack of nutrients in the body, which causes the cells to weaken, lose strength and their capacity to reproduce with vigor and harmony. In addition, an unhealthy skin or firm evidence that the intestine, liver or kidney, organs involved in the purification and evacuation of toxins in the body, are not working efficiently,so the poisonous substances are reabsorbed by the blood and it begins to become acid and contaminated, unhealthy, which is exhaled through the skin. Therefore, to start with, we recommend applying a green clay mask once a week to help absorb fat and accumulated toxins on the surface, as well as stimulate cell repair.

If your skin presents any kind of weakness or problem, you must also start by cleaning the body thoroughly with a healing diet. For this, it is very important that you first eliminate cow’s milk, alcohols and salt from your diet, as well as bakery, sugar and refined pastes, which demineralise the body and fill it with toxins. You undoubtedly need to resort to the natural medicine of citrus fruits, great in the work of mobilizing toxins, in addition they are rich in vitamin C which is a great antioxidant. The best way to benefit from these fruits is to take them on an empty stomach, since it is the time when the body has already accumulated the waste material in the intestine and other organs, and the citrus fruit will help it to be evacuated. An orange juice or tangerine with the juice of a lemon squeezed and freshly made goes great.

We recommend that one day you drink or eat some citrus fruit, and the other a tea, which is bitter grass , such as boldo, governor, absinthe, etc. These teas help heal the liver and mobilize accumulated toxins and the skin has to evacuate. Also take at night or half a day a horsetail tea that supports the kidney . And do not forget to drink at least two liters of water a day and the next enzyme juice. Enzymes are the key to recover the health of the skin, its firmness and health.


You need:

  • 20 fresh carrots cut in half
  • A sprig of celery
  • A piece of cactus or a spoonful of aloe
  • A small twig of parsley
  • A very small tooth of tender garlic

It goes through the juice extractor except garlic and cactus. Once you get the extractor juice, liquefy that juice instantly with nopal and garlic. And drink immediately so that vitamin A does not rust.

You should drink this juice daily until you begin to see the changes in your skin. If you also support yourself with the following secret, you will see results much faster and you will be surprised at what your body can do to heal itself.

Curing the skin

You observe the image of the article. It looks like a forest or a garden, is not it? Imagine that your skin is like a garden: what grows there does not grow any more because yes, there is something that is causing everything that grows on that surface of cells that you see in the mirror every day.

The problems and diseases of the skin do not appear any more because yes. Like the other conditions, it has to do with something that you are sowing and feeding day by day in your body.

One of the deepest roots of all skin problems is that there is stress. But not any stress. It is that which is generated due to feelings of separation, of contact, of closeness.

The skin is a contact organ. When you feel that something you want away, or when you feel rejected by how you are or how you look , when you care much what others think of you, then there is a stress of “contact”.

This is why acne usually happens in adolescence, when young people are very focused on their appearance and acceptance of others. And sometimes it is repeated in life when we feel this kind of stress of acceptance or contact (fear of rejection). You do not notice it, but when you’re stressed by something like that, the pores of the skin contract and close , preventing toxins and dead cells from being released properly, and accumulating under the skin. This is what causes the accumulation of fat and forms an outbreak, and the face, being more sensitive to this stress, is the one that is most filled with outbreaks.

On the other hand, notice that they are spots. They look like a mask on the skin. The dark ones try to make a mask in some cases so that the sun does not harm with its harmful rays. If you have or are prone to blemishes on your face, think: what things you do not want to show the world, or what face you do not want to give. Sometimes, we want everyone to see “a cheerful face” when deep down we feel sad. There is a stress in making contact with others because you can not be or put on the face you actually feel. In this case, you do not have to make an angry face at all, but you have to work with anger and with what irritates you so that you give an understanding to the irritation and can approach without conflict with others.

Practice now with yourself and observe your skin: see the place where you have the problem and what happens to you there. The skin is very evident to show things that we are feeling deeply.


Clay is one of the most chaotic and powerful remedies to heal any skin problem, since it absorbs toxins, unnecessary fat, fills the ph of the skin and repairs damaged and diseased cells. If you also combine clay with chamomile and oats, They are great to heal the skin, you will undoubtedly have an extraordinary and very simple remedy, practical, economical and of great healing power.

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