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Keep feet clean and dry, key to avoid infections – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Moisture and heat so characteristic of the summer season in Spain favor the growth of microorganisms that exploit minimum to penetrate the skin lesions. “If these pathogens are fungi , they generate what is known as athlete ‘s foot or ringworm . A virus, the papillomavirus , is causing an infection of the same name, which is also called plantar wart , which is typical environments pools, gyms and showers , “describes Vicente Crespo , coordinator of the Mycology of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV).

The most common mode of transmission is walking barefoot on wet soils of public places such as swimming pools and gyms, and the most common risk factors are used not breathable shoes, sweat a lot or have a small wound on the skin or the nail. To prevent viruses from infecting fungi and feet, the dermatologist recalls that must be kept clean and dry, especially the interdigital space; wash them with soap and water twice a day and dry them thoroughly. Wear cotton socks and change them as often as necessary to keep your feet dry is important for the prevention and fundamental chanquetas use in showers and public pools and, “as a general rule, wear shoes breathable natural materials”.

  • Patience is a key factor in the treatment of papillomas, and to get them to disappear can take weeks

The athlete ‘s foot is the most common type of ringworm infections can occur even in children under 12 years in both men and women, although it is most common in young men. It mainly affects the soles and interdigital spaces. “The most common pathogens that cause athlete ‘s foot fungi are Trichophyton rubrum , T. mentagrophytes and Epidermophyton floccosum , but may be involved not dermatophyte other microorganisms such as the genus Scytalidium and Candida spp ” details Crespo .

The characteristic symptoms are red and irritated skin, burning and oozing blisters. However, there are different clinical forms depending on the symptoms that develop. According to the spokesman AEDV, the interdigital form is the most common: ” They appear scaly lesions that are located on the fourth interdigital space, and can lead to cracks and bacterial superinfection”; the inflammatory form is grouped vesicular lesions on erythema, which can sobreinfectarse in the plantar arch and finger pads; the form of moccasin prevalence of redness and thickening of the skin on the soles and sides of the foot that sometimes extends to the back side, and ulcerative form , which is the most serious and is located in the interdigital spaces and “is common in and immunosuppressed diabetic “patients.

Prevention is the most effective measure, but when it happens the infection, the usual treatment “involves the application of an antifungal cream while the infection is active and continues to use one or two weeks to prevent recurrence.”

Warts in young

The plantar warts are caused by a group of papillomaviruses, a family comprising over 70 types of virus. Particularly affect adolescents and young people (in the second and third decade of life) , with an incidence of 10 percent in this group. On the contrary, are not in the elderly, perhaps because immunity acquired throughout life.

Crespo recalled that because of the breadth of the incubation period ranging from six to 18 months, often not infection is linked with visits to beaches or pools, because when the wart appears (also can manifest as blackheads or brown) does summer months.

There are various treatments including acidic substances (acetylsalicylic acid at different doses that destroys keratin, the major component of the surface layer of the skin thickens at warts) , cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) and cytostatic drugs (imiquimod, 5-fluorouracil or bleomycin, etc.).

However, the dermatologist Lorea Bagazgoitia indicates on his blog that “viral warts tend to fade alone and up to 66 percent do so within two years.” Therefore, “just watch and not try is a perfectly valid option.” However, the desire to eliminate them makes recourse to treatment, but never forget that “patience is a key factor in the treatment of papillomas, and to get them to disappear can take weeks or months and require the use of different treatments. “

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