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Although Sun and facial expression is a key player in the destruction of collagen and elastin in the skin.
The face of our crow’s feet, wrinkles and lines on the cheek, leaving a crease wrinkles around the eyes and furrowed brow. And the other one is inevitably increasing age each year. If not careful, eating it in front to overtake America as well. Supplement to the crow’s feet, wrinkles, premature face is what to do.


Brown is an accelerated skin reactions remote applications or AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) causes skin aging.
Born premature aging. Destruction of collagen in the skin is not different from harmful UV rays from the sun cause skin atrophy and premature aging. If you do not want to face the Saint-age girls should avoid foods that are high in sugar like candy, cake or ice cream spinach not only wary sugars from the daily diet only. In many ways, it’s a favorite drink containing sugar, not less. Whether the soft drinks Coffee or smoothies that may contain sugar and 100 grams of pure glass as the glass and Big Girls Do not forget to read the nutrition labels on the box to compare, volume, latency sugar before you buy. Whether it is yogurt, ketchup and turned to eating sugar, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free protein. And good fats increase of

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After digestion in the body
Carbohydrates are converted into sugar. We also know that as a catalyst for skin aging. But carbs are the vegetables and some fruits. Back valuable and antioxidants that help combat premature aging, so women should avoid consuming carbohydrate monoculture. Or dough through attrition, such as bagels, white bread, donuts, cookies, cake, muffin and sweet bread. Consumers turn to complex carbohydrates This provides more nutrients, such as whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants. And vitamins that help the skin to shine brightly. Slow aging and prevent premature for

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margarine fats rich in poly-unsaturated type.
As a result, many of the body. Causing the nuke from oxidation. Causes inflammation of various infections, the leading cause of many diseases. And the skin of our girls. The cause dry skin and cause wrinkles, sagging and girls should avoid margarine. To eat real butter in small quantities, making toast for breakfast. Or peanut butter instead turned to the skin, the better the

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similar to the calcium sources.
This is an important mineral that helps build bone and muscle building process. It is a source of food, causing inflammation and infections caused by oxidative stress as well. And also a key ingredient in the milk sugar lactose. AGEs are a catalyst for the destruction of collagen in cells like sugar. The better option is to turn to vegetables that contain calcium and dairy alternatives instead, but if you really deferred to eat Greek yogurt has a little. And do not forget to compare the sugar content of the nutrition label before you buy a flat at the

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lean red meat, it is an excellent source of protein.
Rich in many essential nutrients. But if grilled until charred black when. Causing substances called Inflammatory Hydrocarbons, which are carcinogenic and attack major organs in the body including the skin. In addition, there are charred meat, processed meat such as sausages, bacon, ham and meat processing industry. The high sodium The results were not different from the meat charred If young people are fond of eating red meat, avoid eating processed meat. Then switched to eating meat is cut fresh, nutrient-dense than representation. Or like to eat meat, you should cut the harshest eat before leaving scorched

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is known to dabble in after partying hard.
Morning have left a pretty bang on. The alcohol also adversely affect the essence of our life. Alcohol is considered to be toxic and cause dehydration. Lead to infection at the cellular level. Skin and older untimely. Because dehydration makes the skin look dull shine. Dissuading useful nutrients that help nourish the hair. And nail to work effectively. Drinking advice is to drink only one glass suitable for women and 2 drinks per day for men. And drink a little more, do not use storage quotas drinking during the weekend, downing

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would have a skin younger, healthier, not attentive, but the food should be avoided or food, do not eat otherwise.
You need to eat a healthy diet for 5 groups with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. Choose vegetables The fruits are high in vitamin C such as strawberries that Berry’s status and bell peppers and carrots and vitamin A such as sweet potatoes. It is rich in antioxidants. To keep your skin healthy and helps build collagen and elastin. Essential nutrient needed to prevent skin aging. The default limit consumption of sugar each day, and I turned to eating fruits and vegetables, to more turnovers. As a way to prevent young girls from becoming wrinkles in your skin!

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aging occur on the face, it is difficult to dissolve, so girls should be turned to prevent it early by using Chii The royalty of good health is to eat well, exercise, but I sleep. and deal with stress better.


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