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Keys to the proper use and management of the dermoanalyzer in the pharmacy – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Wednesday at the digital meeting organized by CF central issue has been the use of dermoanalizador and keys to get more out in the pharmacy. CHOP Marta Sanz, responsible for training Microcraya, has been responsible for answering questions from users:

Q. How can dermoanalizador help increase sales of products dermofarmacia?
Answer.- A dermoanalizador can help increase sales of products dermofarmacia in several ways. First, because it helps us have more information when cosmetic products to recommend to our patients, so we can see the needs of the skin and provide the most appropriate cosmetic at all times. The second is because it gives us the opportunity to follow these treatment we have recommended and we can retain our patients. And the third because it allows us to practice and quickly campaigns to promote the sale of certain cosmetics.

Q. How to get more dermoanalizador in autumn?
A. During the autumn we can enhance our analyzer making use of specific campaigns for this time of year. After the summer, usually the time when our patients realize that they appeared a new spot, or that they already had more noticeable. So it will be the ideal place for a specific campaign to highlight the hiperpigamentaciones skin and be able to follow these with our skin analyzer time. We may also make other campaigns for this time of year as hair loss campaigns, campaigns to promote the use of exfoliants, etc.

Q. Is it feasible to have a dermoanalizador in a small pharmacy?
A. It is feasible to have a skin analyzer at any pharmacy regardless of the size of this. Whether the pharmacy is small or large we can use to make an individualized recommendation cosmetic treatments so we can retain our customers. The team takes up little space and can be the ideal place to put it.

Q. How exactly dermoanalizador you used?
A. The management of skin analyzer is quite simple, with basic instructions we will be able to understand its functioning without problem. Just do one thing to know and another to handle it is to learn to interpret the results and knowing this gives us products that we have, to make the appropriate recommendation. In Microcaya we try to train not only in handling it, but also how to interpret these results in different types of patients.

Q. What benefits can bring me have a dermoanalizador at the pharmacy?
A. You can bring a benefit best know the needs of the skin to which cosmetic products are recommending. And thus having objective data to make a better recommendation, track to demonstrate the effectiveness of treatments and retain your customers.

Q. Can also help detecting and addressing other skin conditions?
A. A dermoanalizador we can serve to detect certain skin and thus pathologies to refer the doctor who will be in charge of making the diagnosis. Once the patient is diagnosed, we can through our dermoanalizador, track to advise an adjuvant treatment in each case and to see the evolution of his pathology. It could be the case of atopic dermatitis, pathology that can make follow – ups with our analyzer and which is very important the correct use of suitable cosmetic products.

Q. How do you see the role of the pharmacist in advising on skin care?
A. I think the pharmacist is the ideal healthcare professional to make a proper recommendation in skin care, whether it is healthy skin, as a pathological skin. Since it is a professional who has training in both skin and skin as in the possible effects that drugs can have on the skin pathologies. In case of patients with healthy skin advising them on how to care for your skin and in case of pathological skin offering advice on how to use the treatment prescribed by the doctor, helping them have a better adherence to this and proposing the right cosmetics for your skin.

Q. What are the groups of patients generally require more skin test?
r.- Mainly those having a skin condition such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis, as being pathologies that by outbreaks can perform analysis to try to avoid or space frequency of these. Customers also have such spots, hair loss problems, etc, usually patients in whom the use of dermoanalizadores helps us to demonstrate the effectiveness of treatments and therefore its use is very useful.

Q. What training do I need to use a dermoanalizador in my pharmacy?
r- From the Training Department Microcaya, give the necessary training to learn how to properly handle analyzers skin and hair. What it is true is that the more basic training has the person using the interpretation of the results will be more complete. It is necessary to have training in skin, products that will recommend and how to apply them .
Being in a pharmacy also have knowledge of different skin diseases, knowledge of side effects produced by the drugs on the skin, food … etc.

Q. What do I need to have in my pharmacy to launch this service or any pharmacy can have it?
A. In order to launch a service dermoanálisis a tool with which to analyze be necessary, ie , a dermoanalizador, but equally important is a person who knows how to use this instrument and has sufficient training to make a correct interpretation and recommendation.
As I read once training is available but no illusion. So primarily, in my view, must have enthusiasm and desire to work and any pharmacy no matter how small can it going.

Q. What skin diseases can be identified with a dermoanalizador at the pharmacy?
A.- us dermoanalizador will give information about the condition of the skin. We will offer the same objective parameters such as level of hydration, sebum, pigmentation, degree of elasticity, ph … etc. The pharmacist to see if these parameters are or not within normal limits , may suspect a skin disease and then refer the doctor to make timely diagnosis this.
So if we will help to derive the doctor, and in certain conditions to monitor them once diagnosed by the doctor.
It is very useful, for instance, using polarized light the camera parallel to observe vasodilation, and in this case suspect dermatitis, measuring the value of the skin hydration to see a patient with xerosis, etc.

Q- What patients it is contraindicated the use of dermoanalizador?
A. The skin analyzer is not contraindicated in any patient. We can make measurements in infants and pregnant with no problem.

Q. Does the use of dermoanalizador may cause allergic skin reactions?
A. In principle no, the skin contact with the analyzer takes very little time and are non – invasive measurements of skin.

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