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Klorane enhances its range of pomegranate extract – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The dyes used in hair usually progressively assaulting fiber capillary attacking the hydrolipidic film and damage the internal structure, resulting in a fragile, brittle and retain the ability to color hair. To combat these problems, Klorane Pierre Fabre expands its line of extract to Granada with the addition of new products. According to the company, this reformulation contains the bark of Granadaof tannins which have been extracted to use its fixative properties color: “Thanks to their chemical structure an alliance between the fiber and the pigment that enables optimum color retention is created. -antioxidantes containing polyphenols protect naturales- the intensity and brightness of external aggression. ” Thus, the Shampoo to Granada Klorane three new meet: the shampoo care antidegradation color , the balm to Granada and day cream to Granada , all of them with a soft scent of red fruits.


To achieve a better result in hair dye after use, Klorane experts advise:

1. Wash gently. Since Klorane bet on a formula without sulfates or silicones with Shampoo cuidadoanti-color degradation “enriched vegetable microprotenína to repair the hair fiber, facilitate detangling and bring light”. The recommended price of container is 200 ml of 9.70 euros.

2. Rekindling. After shampooing, the company recommends using the balm to Granada “with a homogeneous texture for easy application, after which unravels and intensifies the color in just two minutes.” Like other products of the range, the composition contains extract and vegetable microprotein Granada with remedial action. The company advises the sale of pot 200 ml for 12.40 euros.

3. Illuminate. Finally, to finish the routine sublimators Care Color that Klorane offers, advise the use of day cream to Granada that protects and enhances hair shine through “six times more concentrated ultraviolet filter in the above formula It is including nacres illuminators. Light cream texture enables touch dry finish. ” The recommended cream 125ml price is 11.10 euros.


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