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Laser hair removal: Recommendations for good results

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One of the great advantages of laser depilation, unlike other similar, is that it enables hair removal prolonged. Although no method provides a definitive and permanent removal, laser technology is the most efficient, since it is able to reduce up to 80% of our body hair.
Laser hair removal is a treatment by which more and more women are opting as it has good results and allows us to feel freer. Despite it is in summer when we took more out, now it is when, if we want, we should start making treatment because a laser treated skin should avoid being exposed to the sun.
The doctor and director of the Center dermoestético Le Ciel, YLE Lopez, shared some tips with nostras, so that we can take the best advantage of this type of treatment.
What makes laser hair removal is to channel the energy of a light beam that destroys the follicles, preventing backflow to regenerate. In general, the laser technique offers good results in the long term and is a convenient and safe way to greatly reduce hair.

1. For the director of the Center dermoestético
Le Ciel , it is recommended that treatment start doing at this time of year, without being exposed before or after the sun, otherwise the skin may stain: “Before undergoing laser hair removal , you need no waxing at least one month before treatment can remove hair with razors, but not must uproot otherwise the procedure will no longer be effective. ”

2. You also need to
inform the professional that attends the use of some type of cream or pills for acne, birth control, hormone treatments, or others. If you suspect a possible pregnancy is not suitable to undergo laser hair removal.
hair removal3. Laser hair removal is a safe treatment for all skin types. Despite this, it is always advisable to perform a test on the most sensitive areas, to avoid allergic reactions or side effects.

4. After each session, it
is recommended to
hydrate well the part where you have applied the laser, moisturizing lotions and creams to help soothe skin hypersensitivity after laser hair removal treatment. For this, and recommended to choose creams that do not have alcohol.
5. In areas inevitably keep contact the sun, like the face, it is advisable to apply sunscreen.
6. While you are in laser treatment, we recommend avoiding makeup  because makeup can irritate the skin.

7. Finally
not wear tight clothing to the treated area, especially if it is synthetic clothing . After waxing is ideal dress in baggy clothes and natural fabrics.

Unlike other hair removal techniques, one advantage is that the laser can be used in any area of the body, also offering hair removal and large areas of the recesses.
For those who suffer from excessive hair growth and
folliculitis , and ingrown hair, laser hair removal is an excellent alternative. No damages the skin and is especially effective in combating these problems.

Finally, laser hair removal is a treatment that also improves skin quality.
At the end of the sessions, the skin is softer, smoother and gradually becoming more flexible.

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