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Learn to use correctors with these tips and wear perfect skin

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Hello everyone! Today I will talk about how the makeup we can correct defects and extolling

There are few people who can boast of having the skin of the face uniform and unmarked.

For the rest, the cosmetics market offers a wide range of products and with the

of color can
hide the most common defects such as redness, pimples, dark circles,

blemishes and scars.

Speaking of corrections and the need to conceal redness or dark spots, for example, you need to know that some colors neutralize other. So, I tell you that  white gives a great glow to the skin, pink

neutralizes brown spots and gives a touch of freshness, green neutralizes the red and orange

neutralises bluish spots.

Use light and dark

A technique essential to make corrections is to use a light shade and a dark. All

light colors highlight the surface on which they are applied, and dark colors hide or sink.
to camouflage dark colors are used and enhance light colors.

For correction Oval technique clear and dark is fundamental. The perfect oval is the

To achieve this optically (though your face has otherwise), use a darker makeup to sink or lighter to

enhance at different points of the forehead, chin or cheekbones,
depending on whether you have the

round oval, square, triangular or rectangular .

In very dark circles or marked imperfections, it is best to apply a mild correction. If you try to

cover too much you can create a thick layer with which the ojera be more apparent.

A touch of light concealer under the foundation makeup may also serve to raise


To attenuate the line from the nostrils to the corners of the lips  must apply a

very light creamy concealer, along the crease.
The clear tone volume will fold, making

appear less sunken, and simultaneously
deletes the shadow cast.

To disguise a double chin, however, use a dark corrector in that area. Disimularás double chins so if you use a darker tone makeup in that area and blending away with

care to the neck.

To correct the oval enhances the cheekbone  sombreándolo below, I blend it with your fingers in the direction

On the cheekbone uses a lighter color and so you give more volume to correct

minor imperfections.
Applies a correction point on the imperfection that want to hide, to

then blend it
with little touches with the fingertip.

To correct the nose uses two tones, one light and one dark. To hide a wide nose, for

example, you must shade the desired area with a concealer dark, contrary to what you should do

to widen a nose too narrow.

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I hope as always that you may find these tricks. Very good week! xxx

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