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Lice: five tips to avoid them and seven to eliminate them

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The lice are so frequent in children of school age, cause itching and irritation and lesions on the scalp from scratching that can become infected.

Lice do not fly, so they are passed from head to head or by hats, scarves or blankets. Thus seen, it seems inevitable contagion, since we can not control our children 24 hours a day and children’s games is common touch and be with other children for activities.

Yet we can do everything possible to prevent them . We give five guidelines to achieve this :

1. short or tied Hair: Lice like a warm environment so they tend to settle especially in the area of the neck or behind the ears. So, she wears her hair and clear neck is an ideal long hair styling option. Take short is also comfortable and helps prevent lice and so is more complex than the hairs to join.

2. Question of Ph: Within the same family or the same circle of friends can see some children who seem to attract lice and others who never suffer from these infestations. It seems that it is a matter of acidity in the pH of the skin. A higher acidity, less lice. Thus, we can try to increase the acidity of ph scalp using mild vinegar after washing the hair of our children or lemon juice.

3. Preventive Lotions s: There are commercial products sold in pharmacies to prevent lice lotions both mode and shampoo. Do not confuse this type of product which is used to remove them once the infection has produced. Similarly, if we use preventive and lice lotions when the immunized and make them resistant to treatment.

4. Periodic reviews: You can be tedious and tiring. However, it is essential to limit the spread of these parasites than weekly or fortnightly revise the heads of our children watching closely the scalp and hair root. 

5. Beware clothing and hats: We must maintain good hygiene hats, caps and scarves washing them in hot water. 

If all this we get not avoid the appearance of lice we have to follow these seven steps to remove them :

1. Treatment: There are numerous treatments that are sold in pharmacies and health food stores. Home methods can also be used as hot vinegar (never more than 50 degrees) and hold for one hour with the casing head with a shower cap for example. 

2. Liendrera: Once you have used the treatment chosen must use specific combs known as liendreras with small and closely spaced tines that carry eggs, larvae and lice. It is painstaking work needs to be done with patience because any remaining egg start again alive infection.

3. Review: The following days we must continue to review the specific hair comb and repeat the treatment if specified by the product. Revisions will then be spaced in time to become a regular routine prevention. 

4. good clean nails: It is essential to avoid possible infection of small wounds that may take children from scratching.

5. Clothing: When lice have come to our house the spread between family members is likely to be used and a single towel and wash hair with hot water linens, pillows, cushions or sofa covers. It is a cumbersome task but very important to avoid having to repeat the process a few days later. Moreover, these days we must ensure that children sleep alone because although the spread adults are less likely, no one is free from suffering them .

6. Patience: Losing your temper will not escape the lice so if you have entered our house is only recommended patiently follow the routines and not make the child feel bad.

7. Notify the school: Lice are not a sign of poor hygiene. It is a parasite that lives in human and always look for a way to survive so it should not be hidden. Indeed we must notify the school so you can alert the rest of the children to review their heads and thus end the plague as soon as possible and ensure that the child does not go to school until you are dewormed.

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