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Lierac launch two treatments to combat redness and imperfections – Pharmaceutical Mail – Todo Dermo

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Redness are increasingly skin disorder most often favored by pollution, climatic variations or the use of improper cosmetics, although internal factors such as diet and menstrual cycles can also be elicit them . To help combat this problem Lierac has launched Rosilogie , a cream made of neurocalmante peptide capable of reducing the release of neurotransmitters involved in skin reactions that cause transient redness. It contains dextran , which according to experts, is “an active benchmark for anti – inflammation and thanks to its regulatory action cutaneous microcirculation is able to combat diffuse rednesscaused when the skin barrier is impaired. ” Also contains ruscus , a plant extract vasoconstrictors known for its power and its ability to increase the resistance of the blood capillaries . This component is intended to reduce redness with visible blood vessels. Rosilogie is enriched with shea butter , which provides immediate relief. The green pigments present in the cream optically neutralize redness instantly to provide unified skin finish.

Sebologie is Lierac treatment to reduce skin imperfections: shine, enlarged pores, pimples and residual marks . The brightness of the skin is linked to the overproduction of sebum and large pores are the result of pressure of sebum on the pores. To address this problem, this cream contains zinc gluconate . It is a component “capable of inhibiting the enzyme that stimulates the sebaceous gland and astringent” explained from the laboratory. The salicylic acid which includes in its formulation, ” limits the hyperkeratinization and thus acts directly on the regulation of cell renewal and removing accumulated dead cells”.

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