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Liposomes, the ally in reactive skins and fats

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A few days ago we told you about our oldest ampule ( go here to reread it ), today we are going to have the characteristics and properties of its version oil-free : liposomes.

Of all treatment MartiDerm blisters, sometimes this goes more unnoticed, perhaps because we read the word “liposomes” and it seems a bit weird.
But did you know that has the same proteoglycan ampoule for dry / dehydrated skin? Ampoules Liposomes are, for practical purposes, identical to those of proteoglycans, ie, its
moisturizing and firming function is the same as the rest of the range.

So where is the difference between the
two products? Well , neither more nor less than vitamin C. In the blisters liposome vitamin C appears liposomal (calmly, now I explain it ). This means that the vitamin C is located within a liposome, which acts as a vehicle and gets to penetrate directly, thus avoiding irritating in cases of sensitive skin and / or reactive.

For example, if you have been diagnosed with
rosacea or blotches, blisters liposomes would be ideal for you, unlike proteoglycan, where vitamin C is not liposomal.

But, in
addition to vitamin C, the liposome of our blister proteoglycan “Red” contains vitamin E. This allows not only talk about sensitive skin, but also skin suffering from excess fat.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant with an extraordinary active role for its regenerating and healing action.
This makes it highly recommended for skins with blemishes or acne scars, thanks to its regenerative capabilities.

Given the focus for oily ampoules liposomes, they have a formula
oil-free , ie free of oil. This way we avoid the product itself generates even more fat in the face.

To complete our formula, ampoules liposomes contain glycolic extracts of Hamamelis, capable of calming the most delicate skins and get a mild astringent action in those more fats.

For its light and fresh texture, ampoules Liposomes are suitable for all ages, both male and
female. Rapid absorption, its fresh smell and feeling of comfort seduce anyone get the test. Their mode of use is not different from the rest: we recommend applying half blister on the face, neck and décolleté before the usual cosmetic treatment, day and night.

To summarize, ampoules Liposomes are virtually identical to those of proteoglycans, but are focused on people with acne or oily skin and reactive.

If you want to
know more protocols using our ampoules liposomes, we will discover you the in future publications.

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