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Localized spots: forget about the excess melanin in the skin

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The Melanin is a pigment derived from tyrosine, an amino acid necessary for whole organism to function properly. In our skin, melanin is produced in the melanocytes, cells of the epidermis.

Melanin is the pigment responsible for coloring the hair, eyes and skin.
However, an
excessive production of melanin gives rise to the appearance of spots and hyperpigmentation .

causes that produce these skin disorders as spots and hyperpigmentation due to various factors. The most common of which are:

It distinguishes between two types of stains:
generalized and localized .

widespread stains are those produced by an accumulation of melanin and occupy much of the face.

By contrast,
localized stainsThey are an accumulation of melanin in an area. The most common areas are the upper lip, cheeks or cheekbones, forehead, neck, chest or back of hands.

Martiderm within its
DSP line , has two ideal products for the treatment of localized stains or persistent. Below, we give you all the details.
1.Mascarilla DSP

The DSP mask is the most intensive treatment line.
Its basis kaolin gets an occlusive effect which makes the penetration of the active is enhanced.

ingredients present in this mask are:

How do I
use this mask? Once applied, the minimum exposure time is 30 minutes. It is advisable to test for a couple of days the tolerance of the product as follows:

This mask can be combined with the DSP Serum Illuminator Renewal Cream or DSP.

Another use of this mask DSP to be highlighted is the generalized spots persistent. In this case the mask is applied all over the face and let stand at least 30 minutes. No need to leave it overnight. If our skin tolerates it , we can first apply the Alpha-Peeling ampoule.

By applying the
Alfa-Peeling ampoule along with DSP-Mask (minimum 30 minutes) get:
2.Cover DSP

The DSP Cover is ideal to apply during the day on localized spots, facial or body such as the back of complement hands.

His triple action,
depigmentation, sunscreen filter and camouflage with a light color makeup, it makes it a great and practical ally.

Cover the ingredients present in DSP are:

In the case of using makeup or creams with color, can be applied as a
first step to renew and after sunscreen and keep trying the stain.

Whatever the cause of the spots or hyperpigmentation that appear on the face, it
is essential to treat them with specific products in order to mitigate its effects and look healthy and free skin disorders.

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