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What do you do to make your skin healthy and beautiful?

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It is usually skin care with exfoliants, oils or moisturizers. However, to achieve a radiant and healthy skin, not only are beauty products needed. It is necessary to start from the inside, that is, from the food.

There are many foods that contain nutrients that help maintain a healthy skin. A diet rich in phytonutrients , based on plants, and antioxidants , reinforces the skin in its fight against environmental factors that damage it.

Limiting the consumption of sugar, which damages collagen and therefore, accelerates aging is important, as well as include a lot of fruits and vegetables, in the daily diet. If you want to know more about topics about about various niches, then visit Dfactual


One of the most complete vegetables. It has stimuli in the production of enzymes that protect the skin. According to a study by John Hopkins University, broccoli protects skin cells against the spread of cancer damage caused by the sun, says Cosmopolitan magazine .

Green Tea

While it is usually associated with diets to lose weight, green tea can work wonders for the skin. It can be applied in masks, however, consuming it has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-cancer substances. It protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and even reactivates dead cells. The recommendable thing is to take several cups a day, according to CNN .


Normally used in masks, tomato is also very useful in skin care when consumed. Lycopene, an antioxidant found in this vegetable, helps the skin to be smoother and protected against environmental contaminants, according to a study by the Charité University of Berlin, reviewed by Cosmopolitan.

Dark chocolate

It is one of the most positive delights for beauty. According to Huffington Post , it helps to moisturize the skin and give it a healthy and attractive shine because it contains iron, calcium, vitamins A, B1, C, D and E. But not only that, cocoa helps to reduce the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, which in turn helps the collagen levels do not decay. That is, less wrinkles. It also protects against ultraviolet radiation.

Olive oil
The ideal companion to salads contains vitamins E and K that prevent premature aging of the skin. It also combats dry skin and wrinkle formation.

These nuts contain vitamin A and E, in addition to zinc, which fight the oxidation processes caused by free radicals.


Fruits that are not only good for the brain or the heart. Their high levels of anthocyanins help protect the skin from premature aging at the cellular and molecular ( DNA ) levels, said dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, according to CNN .

Ways to have beautiful skin

Take a facial massage

Massage increases circulation face on the surface of the skin, improving skin firmness, while loosening the muscles of the face, smoothing the common lines and wrinkles. When you’ve washed your face and when you apply your usual moisturizer or toner, do this: part of your chin and keeps his hands upward toward the cheeks, above eye area and forehead.

And if  you want your hair to grow healthy , here we show you how to cut your hair according to the phases of the moon

A steam bath

Prevents acne with a ‘mask’ weekly facial steam, it opens the pores, it stimulates circulation and removes toxins . All you need is a pot of water, a stove, and a towel. (If you want to be more elaborate, add a handful of aromatic herbs such as lavender, calendula, chamomile or thyme). Expected to boil, reduce heat and simmer over low heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Then cover the towel on your head as a kind of tent and lean your face over the steam carefully . Hold for 5 minutes and then rinsed with cold water face to close the pores. You will feel the softness immediately.

Take shorter showers and cold

Hot water removes the fat cells that hold water on your skin, leaving it dry and cracked . Take a cold shower and have to shiver a bit. Not only leaves your skin fresh, you also save heating costs and you’ll get to work faster. (The planet also will thank you ).

Get moving

Although no longer have to hunt wild animals to put food on the table, our bodies were not designed to sit behind a desk all day .

Instead of parking spot in front of computers or TV, go outside and get moving. Keep muscles toned it serves to sculpt the body, also it helps speed the transport of nutrients to the cells, while promoting the removal of toxins. Exercise can also help reduce testosterone hormones related to those horrible outbreaks.

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