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Make-up for brides who get married in the morning

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The appointed time has a lot to do with style make-up. In fact it is a decisive aspect. And not just for brides, invited; especially those who have entrusted a leading role, will be decided by makeup as they are to attend a link day or evening.

In the event that there is a morning time to choose makeup with a soft, delicate, nothing strident. But beware! it is a subtle makeup does not mean an invisible makeup. Already bridal makeup experts say, there is nothing worse than looking for naturalness, meet a ‘Corpse Bride’; ie with a pale or discolored skin. Because, he says, Lewis Amarante, director of Max Factor makeup, ‘The color is needed in the face of the bride, because the lack of makeup will be reflected in the wedding pictures. ” But also explains that even if a bride late-night is never good deciding on a style of heavy makeup. That day does not touch!

Good advice, especially if the event is long lasting, is having close some basic elements such as foundation, lipstick and illuminator. 

Expert advice: Whether you consider yourself suitable for makeup because they have as usual and are not sure need help, as if you’ve hired a professional, there are gestures that have to be avoided: 

Abusing Rouge . Colorcito give healthy cheeks is fine, exceeded it is dangerous because it can leave the bride ‘face pepona’. When you apply (the best blush in coral shades or buttered) must place in the form of diagonal line on the cheekbone to give color to the cheeks and at the same time, sharpen the face to mark the cheekbones. 

Mix many colors. The images are there for life, so take a certain fashion can be a bad decision. You know, they go out of fashion fads; It has to be a timeless look. This summer tropical makeups are worn with an adrenaline color; however it is not desirable for any bride makeup to go this way. Remember, the softer and lighter makeup stay better. Go to pastels, subtle and matte shades is to play the lead.

The ‘nail art’ . For the occasion opt for traditional, elegant, sophisticated porcelain manicures colors: pink, white or cream. 


Important! And as humidity, emotions, crying and sweating finally get that eye makeup and lips remain displaced and become loathsome streaked, especially mascara that literally diluted, choose resistant water -based products it is the best choice for a bride and her guests.


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