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Make-up ideas for New Year’s Eve parties

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Pinterest has become a source of inspiration when putting on makeup, because it presents tutorials and gives ideas that we might not have occurred.

And of course
, for New Year ‘s Eve parties it is never more advantage of these tips, and to facilitate this , we rescued some of the makeup effects we liked best in the social network.

1. Natural

for Christmas or for a relaxed New Year party with friends, a good idea is to
go to a more natural look, with a slight smokey eyes and lips clear matte tones.

2. Edgy

If you want to
amaze with a bolder look, you can opt for this option, with smokey eyes imitate a cat, accompanied by a good delineated around the eye.

You can accompany this look with a hairstyle also “edgy” as with all the bangs to the side, or a bun tight.

3. Old School

To emulate movie stars, always good red lipstick and lined with liquid eyeliner, giving drama to your look.

In this ideal it may be accompanied by a clearer basis for face, along with classic accessories, such as short rings and necklaces with imitation pearls.

4. Full Night:

The smokey eye coffee is synonymous with sensuality and flirtation, and what better way to start the year than with your best attitude?

Accompany this look with a neutral tone on the lips and tousled waves in her hair.

In addition, an outfit with dark colors like black jeans and leather jacket, along with strong accessories can work if you know mix well.

Playful 5.

A similar style but more colorful Old School is that we
show you here.

Make braids in your hair to create natural and summery waves, line your eyes with a liquid eyeliner, apply a soft pink blush on your cheeks and apply a fuchsia lipstick to give even more color to your face, without losing harmony.

6. Glam

New Year is synonymous with glitter, so between the styles that we recommend, this liquid eyeliner combining with one that includes gloss, metallic colors, as shown in the picture are.

You can apply clear shadows at the base of your eyelid to accompany, as well as having well –
defined eyebrows to make it look neater and glamorous.

7. Full color

Fluorine dominated 2012, and a good way to pay tribute to this trend, without exaggeration, is to
use these colors to outline the bottom line of our eyes.

If you want to
give a more daring touch, you can apply a dark delineated, liquid or pencil to define the top line.

Accompany this look with lipstick and blush colors in soft matte shades for the face.

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