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Make-up to rejuvenate after 40

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Women like Julianne Moore, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Courteney Cox, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow Monica Belluci or with more than 40 years, still stealing the eyes of young people and adults .

All have in common that they look after their skin and appearances their makeup are age appropriate . Cover the imperfections of age and illuminate the face without excesses are key to a woman over 40.

The skin

Before applying makeup it is essential to be absolutely clean face , because cosmetics can clog pores and promote an accumulation of impurities. You have to use a good soap that does not dry the skin and lotion. For best effects, must be cleaned of deep skin once a month and regularly apply nourishing masks.

Matte makeup funds make more. When we turned years, the skin becomes drier and therefore, matte and opaque. Therefore it is necessary to use funds nutrient makeup to give us a fresh look and glowing skin. The tone has to be to your skin or lighter. For mature skins you can choose up to two shades lighter than yours, to get further sweeten features and achieve a more youthful and bright.

Choose funds fluids or cream to merge with the skin. So you avoid the mask effect is only acceptable when you’re young. Take time to apply them well. From the 40 it is more necessary than ever that the skin is properly treated. Do not abuse the loose powder . In excess, add years to your skin for their velvety effect.

Apply concealer only where needed . You can do this before or after putting the foundation, but keep in mind that this in itself already covers many imperfections, and that in many cases avoids the use of concealer.

Illuminates the lines . The majority of women believe that applying much basis in the area where the disimularán have wrinkles when actually generate the opposite effect. If the coverslips very base, you do it is to generate a thick layer with the movement of the face cracks and makes wrinkles look deeper. To avoid this it is better to light them with a concealer brush in a little lighter than the skin tone , you will have an automatic filling effect by bouncing light on the face

The eyes

Avoid too dark shades on the eyelids. White is perfect for illuminating the arch of the eyebrow that looks up and makes it look alive. Also, the eyelids have to opt for shades that go to the pink peach linked with a touch of gold to generate a pearlescent effect. The pastel shades but clear soften imperfections. The dark are your worst enemy because they accentuate the contrasts and generate attention on the lines.

Eyeshadow should be matte or slightly iridescent . When they are very shiny or metallized lead, by optical effect, more wrinkles in the eyelid and therefore age added.

Applications of eye makeup should be upward, to look up.
Do not abuse profilers or very defined lines , unless you have some spectacular eyes. Be careful to stumping (including eyeliner), not to harden the look.

A good coat of mascara benefits forever. With age must reduce eye makeup, but not this cosmetic as it quickens the eye mask and enlarged. Make up your eyebrows , as they help to keep the younger look, but with age they lose density and color.


With the brush you should outline the cheekbone from temple to the cheek doing repetitive but no sudden movements so that not much mark. Use shades that go from sand to light brown . Never apply dark terracotta (unless you’re brown), because the brown makes skin look spotted. When the skin is mature need to achieve a subtle blur.

Color the cheeks with warm tones, used light pastel pink or because they give the youthful touch. The best way to achieve this is grimacing smile in the mirror and applying color on the aglobada of the cheeks. Avoid red because they accentuate imperfections. Mature skin have to show calm and that is achieved with pink tones.

The lips

Shaping the lip , even in natural tones, for longer lip and also to draw the mouth, with age, it becomes blurred. Use bars lips rather clear , that will give your face a younger, fresher look .

You can also use a glow color semitransparent wine as a base and place on the center of lips for a pearly tone. Lipsticks natural and bright colors give more volume to the lips, which over time tend to thin. Avoid dull tones, and bet a little shine .


– Radiant Radiant Complexion Cream Compact Foundation, Nars (38 € approx).

– Long lasting Wear Makeup Compact Foundation Bobbi Brown (45 € approx).

– Youth Liberator Serum Foundation Makeup, Yves Saint Laurent (60 € approx).

– Silk Touch Compact Powder Compact Lasting Silk UV, Giorgio Armani (54 € approx).

– Brightening & Hydrating Foundation, Sephora (20 € approx).

– Illuminator Watt’s Up !, Benefit. Provides a “glow” champagne tone that fits any face (32 €).

– Illuminator Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent.
With applicator brush, various shades (34.10 €).

– High Beam Illuminator Benefit (28 € approx).

– Illuminator Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks (30 € approx).

– Illuminator Radiant Touch Highlighter Stick Creamy Kiko (9 € approx).

– Corrector Coverstick of Essence.
It covers granites, redness and skin marks, in four shades (2,49 €).

– Yves Saint Laurent Creme de Blush to cheeks and lips with bright finish and variety of tones (38 € approx).

– Nars Cream Blush (€ 35 approx).

– Touch Glow Lips & Cheeks Kiko for cheeks and lips (5 € approx).

– Cha Cha Tint Benefit (25 € approx).

– Blushing Fabric Giorgio Armani (35 € approx).

– Flushed Palette Naked Urban Decay outline, highlighter and blusher (32 € approx).

– NYX Powder Blush variety of matte colors (10 € approx).

– Lancôme Blush Subtil with a touch of brilliance that brightens (25 € approx).

– l’Orchidee Sisley Palette Colorete mixture and peach pink tones with gold flecks (60 € approx).

May you be happy! Until my next post! xxx

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