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Make up your lips learn to do it according to the shape of your mouth

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Hi everyone s. As in the case of the eyes, the lips makeup varies according to its shape and what you want to achieve.  So you can make them look fuller in the case of the slimmest, highlight their qualities when they are rather thick or match them if they are asymmetric.

Here I give you a few tips to maquillaros lips tightly depending on their characteristics:

1. Thin lips:
If you have thin lips the goal will make them look more thick and fleshy. You must delineate outside the natural line of both lips (moderately) and fill color with the lipstick. Finally, apply a pearlescent color or gloss in the center of the lower lip, as these tones give a volume effect. If you use the right colors, your lips will look more fleshy and seductive.

Profiling should be done with a pencil natural, beige color, or the same color as the lipstick you have chosen. Never use a dark eyeliner, only you lead your lips look even thinner.

Employs lipsticks clear and shiny colors. Opaque and dark colors tuned. Apply color to your lips with a brush. You can put two coats of lipstick. After the first, you empolvas lips with a little colorless powder and paint again. They will look with more volume, while lip paint will last even longer.

2. Thick lips:
Outlines lips inside along the lines of its natural contour. Apply the lipstick helping a brush. Should avoid products such as gloss bright as they will make the lips look bigger. The beige and pinkish colors are perfect if you have thick lips, though all colors you will be fine, just try to escape too dark colors.

3. Small mouth:
If you have small mouth need to create the illusion of larger. To this, slightly elongated upper lip (delineates a little beyond the corners) and widens the lower (delineates a little lower, especially in the middle). Then fill color with your lipstick, applying it directly or with the brush. Adds gloss on both lips to give an illusion of volume .

In this case I am not referring only to a thin lip, I speak a little mouth around a whole. Use light shades lipsticks, pearlescent go you very well and even uses gloss to make volume effect. If you have small mouth and thin lips and dark shades you like you can use if you  do aplicáis gloss in the center of the lip to make them more juicy.

4. Large Mouth:
A big mouth can be a great attraction, but if it is too be to employ any trick of makeup to disguise its size. It’s so easy and simple that you yourself will be surprised, but it’s best that your mouth will look sexy. To look smaller and thick applied lipstick inside corner of the mouth. Then filled and apply two coats of lipstick and

ends with gloss, but only in the center of labios.Te advise choosing
matte shades that work best in this type of mouth.

5. asymmetric lips:
Defined as asymmetric lips those in which the upper and lower lips have a uniform width. The most typical case is much thinner than the lower lip upper lip. The aim of the makeup in these cases is to balance the size, either increasing the volume of the thinnest part or reducing the surface of the thickest part. To achieve this , delineates the boundary outward in the first case, or inward contour in the second.

6. fallen lips
(cases where both corners go down):  delineates the lower lip  from the center to the ends with a natural color. Upon reaching the corner, do not follow the contour shape, you have to do is f luff line up. Seeks to fill with a brush around the inside from the drawn line.

Some general considerations that will help:

  • When using a lipstick and lipstick or lipstick should be in the same range of tones. Since today is not fashionable delinees your lips a darker color and fill with a light color. 
  • Rub the lips with a toothbrush with soft circular motions; you will improve texture to remove dead cells and reactivarás circulation area. 
  • Enhances the whiteness of your teeth using pale colors like nude. 
  • Get an effect of volume with a touch of beige concealer in the center of the lips. 
  • My favorites: lip balms-Apivita Lip Care pharmacies, Unique Pink Sephora, Biopel in pharmacies. 
  • Lipsticks: Corrector bicolor Shue-Umaru, Sephora beige, nude YSL, Nars Beige, beige Maybelline.
  • Lipsticks: Dior Extreme Adicte, HR Wanted Gloss, Lip Gloss deSfera, Rougepor YSL Couture, Mate Deliplus. 

I hope you have a great week!

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