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Makeup and hairstyles ideal for business lunches and dinners

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Hello! We enter some weeks key for dinners and business meals . On these occasions, we always look more sophisticated than everyday makeup, but avoiding clash or draw too much attention. Remember that even a party, no longer working. So opt for hairstyles and makeup classic and elegant that are not very flashy . Do not disguises! 

Makeup for your business lunch or lunch

That day your colleagues can see your face one more lighthearted. If the event is in the morning, do not hesitate to realizarte one neutral makeup with very defined eye.

The color of the season is the blue in different tones. Brand basin with a dark hue and uses a lot of mascara to highlight more the look. No discards one pink blush , applied to the cheekbones with small touches to get a good look expensive. 

For the night 

For dinner, you can become more daring. A smoky eyes and a red lips will give you that sophisticated touch. Take a lot this season, do not hesitate. 

A dark shade on the upper and lower eyelids get the ‘ smoking eyes’ played gateways . If you use a brush to blur the  ‘eyeliner’  you will achieve this look without problems. Previously applied to secure it clear shadows in the basin, which then stretch the line. 

Do not forget to give your lashes a good mask layer . Search the volume effect with false eyelashes to get that special dye. 

Finally, carefully choose the lipstick. Magenta the most passionate red, are preferable matte textures


Long manes appreciate this time by simple knot tight at the crown. Extremely comfortable and flattering , ideal for work but at night combined with a somewhat more pronounced makeup, will also be perfect for dinner. 

The ideal for those who do not want to complicate hairstyle is to take the long and well maintained discreetly adorned with a wave at the tips, you can do with the hair iron. Do not forget to secure them with a little wax so do not break during the event.

The low bun with wavy loose strands is the perfect formula during the day. You can take the firm and collected bun, but at night loose strands to frame your face. 


1. Shadow blue pencil obsession, very comfortable to use, Ombre Blackstar ByTerry  (€ 25 approx.) 

2. Palette four perfect shades for these dates City Drive YSL  (€ 45 approx.)

3. Chanel eyeliner thick tip Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof ( 23 € approx)

4. Explosion Mascara Eyelashes Maybelline ( 10 € approx.)

5. For the volume of your hair, volumizing Maui Wowie Philip B ( 20 € approx.)

6. flat brush to comb your hair and make bows Regincós

7. A touch of hairspray not dirty, and smells good subject, the new Natural Fixonia (5 € approx.)

I wish you to be happy as ever! Until next post,   xxx


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