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Makeup brushes for what each one serves

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Have you ever been given a set of makeup brushes? Surely many of them or did you get the case. Although professional makeup artists often use brushes endless, in our day to day use women just 2-3 .

What are so many brushes? Each has its objective and professional makeup artists use them all. While some choose to also use your fingers to apply your foundation or eye shadow . Still brushes and makeup brushes are essential tools to show off a perfect makeup .

What to look out for when buying a brush?

On the one hand, there are different types of hair : natural (sable, pony, squirrel, beaver …) and artificial or synthetic. Natural hair is usually more expensive. Choose one or the other, check that is soft and pleasant to touch you . There is nothing more uncomfortable than a brush that will pique or you scrape the skin.

Moreover, also note the handle , as in different sizes and materials. As for the length , most importantly , the brush feels comfortable when catch it. As for the materials , the most expensive and durable are wooden, but you can choose any of synthetic material with good quality.

How many brushes are there?

There are endless brushes and makeup brushes:
to apply the foundation , for powders, to blush, for contouring (similar to blush but chamfered) to paint the lips, to enlighten , to apply the concealer brush smudger to apply eyeliner, eyebrow (s bevelled), eye shadow, skunk brush (half natural hair, synthetic half), brush kabuki (short handle, with plenty of very soft hair, perfect for applying loose powders or compact), fan brush (flat with little hair and fan – shaped, serves to remove excess powder) … and certainly we forget some. 

Although many will think, why use a different brush for powder, blusher, for the shadows … makeup artists are clear: each brush is designed so that it gets the right product , why not should use a brush of eye makeup , for example.

The basic makeup correctly

When investing in some good brushes, choose only the most use them to go and opt for multifunction brushes. Note that the brushes usually come in palettes eyeshadow or blush not’ll use too, having very short handle, are not comfortable. Our recommendation is to invest in basic paintbrushes 5/6:

– Brush base . It may be the skunk brush, which is two colors, and you also serves to give the blusher, or to implement a specific base.
– Brush powder , you will notice much use. It serves both loose powders, such as compact. While you also be tempted to use it to blush, not the best choice because being a fairly large brush, you’ll catch too much product. If you like, brush kabuki is an option, because it is perfect for extending the powders. But the kabuki has its fans and its detractors. It is a brush, similar in appearance, shaving brushes, hair very very soft and get a perfect finish. However, the kabuki has a very short handle and not comfortable for all women.
– blusher brush . You can get a chamfered or cut diagonally that will allow you to better define the cheeks.
– Healing Brush . It is used only to apply the concealer, but if you regularly use this product, I recommend it because the finish is much more natural. Even if you use corrector stick, the brush will allow you to extend it better.
– Eye brushes . There are different models. Typical to apply the shadows usually wide and flat, called brush filbert . In the case of eyeshadows usually come the brushes sponge also serve to apply eye shadow. Both serve the same function, so it is in taste to choose one or the other. The pencil brush (tip ends) is suitable for small or hard to reach areas and also serves to diffuse. There is also a specific brush to blend shadows , if you like to make smoked.
– Brush eyebrows . Although long eyebrows have been the forgotten, now the trend is to look perfect, natural but made- up eyebrows and it will need a brush bevel that allows you to fill calvitas without paint, or make thick lines. There is also the eyebrow comb (which has two types of bristles rigid to lift the hair and other soft to brush them and shape them). And the brush spiral (similar to that comes with mascaras) and also serves to shape the eyebrows and separating lashes after color them.
– Brush eyeliner.  If you like frame your eyes with eyeliner, it’s a good investment. You get a perfect delineated and serves to liquid eyeliners, gel or cream.
– Lip Brush . Typically painted directly with the lipstick but if you try, surely repeat. With this brush whose bristles are harder, you get to use only the amount of lipstick and finishing must be more professional.

Caring brushes

If you make a significant investment in your brushes then you have to take care of them so they last longer and in better condition. You should clean them regularly, not only to prolong his life, also for hygiene . If not eliminate regularly traces of makeup, they eventually become a nest of germs. In this link you can see how to care for your brushes so they last longer

In the gallery you can see a selection of brushes and brushes for a perfect make-up every day.

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