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In powders, liquid, compact, mousse … There are so many types of foundation for those who are not experts is difficult to figure out which is more suited to the needs of each. The truth is that there is no better than another product, but each texture is best suited to some types of skin than others .

Moreover, as expressed Ernesto Jimenez, professional makeup artist in audiovisual media: “Makeup is an art, so there must be some free to create and feel comfortable with the position. It is not just a matter of fashion. Makeup at the drugstore offers more than trends, as well as glamor, practicality and comfort. “

  • The foundation that best respects the health of the skin is one that in its formulation is better suited to the needs of every skin

Ideally , the foundation is invisible to the naked eye. Its role should be to unify and hide imperfections, but should not notice. In addition, in winter heavier and creamy textures are used. In summer, heat and sweat, light textures should employ more water – based. Once this is clear, it is time to think about which product to choose.

The make – up artist Mar Gallardo explains that “the foundation that best respects the health of the skin is one that in its formulation is better suited to the needs of each skin but generally would be the fluid bases and minerals. “

Paco Lopez, another make – up artist, believes that the most used is the liquid foundation . “From my point of view, it is more easily applied. This does not mean it is the best, even if you do not have extensive knowledge in the world of makeup, brings more safety in practice. ” However, we must take into account certain peculiarities of the skin of each person.

Thus, for normal skins Sea recommends a tinted moisturizer, because it is a skin that does not need high coverage because it has few imperfections. Instead, oily skin require oil-free liquid foundation , very light. If it is a skin and acne media coverage is sought high to cover pimples or open pores your makeup should be in the form of oil – free cream or powder also oil-free.

Regarding the combination skin ideally are mousses : “This texture is well suited to both fat area and to areas of the contour (drier), thus providing the balance that needs this type of skin.”
An important tip: ” the dry skin must escape powders because dry the skin and give a matt appearance. ” For them Gallardo recommends “fluid foundation easy to apply”.

And what about mature skin? The public would benefit from compact base cream, since “water emulsions are very creamy and oil provide juiciness and excellent coverage.”

The world of makeup is extended to those who have moisturizing and hypoallergenic agents for sensitive skin, and moisturizers with color.

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