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Makeup is a very important part of your costume, but be careful what you throw to the skin. Maybe for a few hours of fun finish to cause

lasting damage to your skin.

What can provoke skin?

The most common dermatological problems related to the use of makeup and cosmetics are irritant dermatitis, caused by allergy to any component of

cosmetics, the prior existence of a chronic maintained irritation slight time and untreated, when there atopic dermatitis or rosacea.

But in special cases, if the person is allergic to any component, especially a pigment, it could trigger a more extensive skin reaction,

only in the area where makeup was applied


When choosing a makeup to disguise avoid those products still questionable marketing chains, which do not know whether they

passed quality proper controls. 

But even if you buy a quality product, it
is important to note that the makeup to costumes tend to be aggressive, powerful and long lasting, to remain without

alteration throughout the celebration. 

To avoid problems, try the makeup on the inside of the arm days before the party.
No matter how good, or it hypoallergenic product you apply yourself, usually clog pores to

be very opaque, so it is essential to
protect the skin with a product that care, and preserve makeup before applying.

Make a good cleaning and pre and post hydration, with specific desmaquillantes for each skin type and micellar water with thermal water or products.

Without forgetting the importance of fully removing makeup before bedtime.
No desmaquillarse in depth affects the brightness of the skin and can cause the appearance of


Remember that the ideal is to
buy this type of makeup and cosmetics in your Pharmacy confidence and who have atopic skins can also enjoy the festivities, but must use

very light cosmetics, hypoallergenic and non –


If you have any questions, come see us.
Sada Pharmacy will help you choose the best for your skin.

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