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Makeup tips for blondes

In Hair Care Tips

Blondes, brunettes, redheads, all we make up, but for 
a make favors us more or less have to take into account various factors , including one of the most important is the hair color. So this week I give you some clues as to combine light hair tones with different types of skin and eyes and makeup. 

If you have light skin and dark eyes …

Choose based on beige tones with gold accents to highlight your skin tone more. Use eye shadows that contrast with the color of your eyes: green, blue, violet, light beige … The eyeliner can be the color you like brown or black, like mascara. Red lips, but better be in the range of orange to not contrast much with your skin tone and cover lightly with it, in terms of rouges in pink tones.

If you have dark skin, dark eyes …

The foundation must be adapted to your skin color brown should never be darker, much clearer. Eye shadows in dark colors like black, gray or brown and green tones used at night. Although it is best mask and brown eyeliner. Blushers in orange tones used to illuminate your skin and lips, use orange tones during the day, and all red, night.

fair skin and light eyes …

Use natural makeup base the same color of your skin, never darker. Eye shadows should be cold as the color of your eyes, choosing from the range of blues and violet. Become the ‘eyeliner’ more gray to highlight your clear eyes. As for the mask, in black, and blush peach color use it. For lips, pink in all its shades, also uses transparent gloss. For a stronger look uses a matte orange red, but always remember that you must not recharge then eyes. 

dark skin and light eyes …

The foundation must use the beige shades for your skin does not do much contrast with hair. Use shadows, in beige, blue or gray cool tones. Mask and eyeliner can be both gray and blue depending on the color of your eyes. Lips, maquíllalos in eggplant tones or dark pink. The dark pink blush choose and orange tones.


– The platinum blonde colors should avoid heavy because the contrast with the hair would be dramatic. Gothic, lip very strong shadows or colors super-shiny cakes are a definite no. A few eyebrows or, conversely, exaggerated, can ruin your look in a trice, do not forget to coordinate your hair with your skin and eyes, especially if your skin is too dark to be more natural blonde.

– The blonde, in all its shades, is difficult to maintain the growth of the root, the sun, the beach or unsuitable products can turn your golden blond in an abrasive tone and lifeless. Use a shampoo and conditioner for color – treated or highlighted or search options without químicos.Sí are platinum, a purple color prolong shampoo hair.


– Make-Silk Foundation Armani Power: 30 € approx.

– Make-Le Teint Eclat YSL Touch: 36 € approx.

– Make-Terrybly Densiliss of ByTerry: 38 € approx.

– Lips and blush 2 in 1 -Babydoll kiss & blush YSL: 40 € approx.

– Blusher blush -Creme YSL: 29 € approx.

– Velvet Blusher touch of Kiko: 7.90 € approx.

– Illuminator -Radiant Touch Kiko: 9 € approx.

– Kajal Eye Pencil Waterproof-Eyeartist Astor: 6 € approx.

– Shampoo anti –
frizz Frizz-Ease by John Frieda 12 € approx.

– To protect hair from the heat of irons, hair dryers -Heat Moroccanoil Styling Protection: 28 € approx.

As always that you may be very happy!
Until my next post! xxx


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