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Makeup tips to look younger

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There have always been products to improve our face, to camouflage those details that we do not like, but it is important to choose them according to skin type and age, because any mistake can make our imperfections are more noticeable. Do not forget this maxim: “a defect must be minimized, unmasked”. Therefore it is necessary to consider several tips. Starting with a base of a pick like our skin tone. And remember too much makeup is a one-way ticket to look much older than we are …


– The skin is
well hydrated and fresh , looks much younger than dry skin and too much makeup. So the first tip is to moisturize your skin by drinking water well inside and out choosing moisturizers with tinted light particles and light, like BB and CC Creams Creams.

– The liquid bases are best for skin with wrinkles. Do not use compact powders or powder foundations, they settle in wrinkles and make the skin look older. A reflective liquid formulation creates the illusion of a radiant complexion.


– Although the corrector can go over or under makeup, it is best to
use it
before the base for its tone remains more neutralized. Is better than the corrector is liquid or cream, because one very solid waste can leave much to mark the lines.

– When the circles passing through a transition of three colors (purple-gray-blue) is necessary to use correction light tone , provided they are within the range of beige, as are yellow pigments which neutralize the defect.

– If you are greenish, pink is best. Now, if there are bags, it is recommended a medium tone . This should be applied to the center of the volume of the bag, and it is better if it fades with fingertips.

Background makeup

– A foundation that is lighter than your natural tone exaggerates fine
lines. Even if you have ivory skin, the skin tends to take a little warmer as you get older. Changes to
a tone only to darker and light particles.


– Do not forget to
define the eyebrows. When we get older eyebrows tend to be less crowded, especially if we have abused lifelong tune them well. Do it with a brush and brown brow powder (close to the color of your eyebrow).
Thick eyebrows can take years off your face and are fashionable.


– Before eye makeup, apply a
PREBASIC alisante eyes , many do really disappear the rough texture of the eyelid and ensure that makeup is more durable.

– Use shadows with glitter , applying the clearest in the center to open your eyes.

– Use an eyeliner brown tones dark or even black along the lash line will make your eyes look more open and therefore rejuvenated. I advise you to be waterproof so that the pencil does not run through the eyelid.

– Curl the lashes and always uses mask tab s. Seeks the black mask you can find. This will make the whites of your eyes look crisp and clean.


– Blush and matte bronzing powder will make your skin look dry and dull.
Cheekbone up a
pink touch of blush on the apples of the cheeks combined with shimmery bronzer that will apply under the cheek bone, the bone will highlight more of making them look fuller cheeks and juicy.

– Use illuminator golden brown bright and apply it over the apple of the cheeks to create effect of volume and shine on your cheeks.

– If your skin is clear use blusher warm pink tones, if your tone is half the blusher can use more reddish and if your skin is dark I recommend that the tone is more coppery .


– lips gently Outlines because they can begin to fade as time passes and will make the color of lipstick that apply to come off.
To avoid this , c
on a lipstick the same shade as your lips and pulling pinkish (no brown or red) gently shaping the contours of your mouth. Then apply a little color and a touch of gloss in the center of the mouth, it makes you look thicker.

– To achieve a more voluminous mouth it is possible to use a liner white eyes and apply it in the center of the lip to shape them. Finished this process, you need to use lip liner to frame them and then fill in with lipstick.

Flabby chin

– The small accumulation of fat or loose skin and loose some women have under the chin is one of the least aesthetic signs of the face.
To minimize it , I recommend applying a thin layer of
concealer darker than the base tone face and then spread it under the oval face, jowls same. And a depth effect will be created and make you look slimmer face.

– Another option is to apply a dark concealer, a foundation (one or two shades darker than usual) or compact powders , from pear (chin) to the jaw, difuminándola sideways. It is important to spread them well, to merge with the tone of the base used in the face. It must be very careful not to do above the chin, because you’ll get the opposite effect.


– Prebase All about Matt Essence (approx € 4.39).

– Base makeup No Foundation Foundation Perricone MD Serum (€ 50 approx)

– Mat Base Corrector Primer Kiko Cosmetics (approx € 12,90).

– Optical Draft Garnier (11 € approx).

– Smashbox photofinish foundation (40 € approx).

– Flawless Radiance Primer of Evelom, planer and antiaging (40 € approx).

– Stick Concealer for dark circles marked Couvrance (12 € approx).

– Mattifying Powder Catrice matificadores of waterproof powder (6 € approx).

– Base makeup Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat (45 € approx).

– Base Stila makeup CC Color Correcting Cream (38 € approx).

– Illuminator Hightligher of Acessorize (9 € approx).

– Prebase Eye: Eye Shadow Primer Potion Urban Decay.
A shadow base to last you more, with antiaging (24 € approx) effect.

– Mask Haute Tolerance of Couvrance paraben for sensitive eyes (11 € approx).

– Mascara Urban Decay Perversion (20 € approx).

– Black Magic Mascara & Brow Gel Set Eyeko.
Set for eyebrows and eyelashes (15 € approx).

What you may be very happy and until my next post! XXX


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