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Makeup: Tricks for you to apply according to the shape of your face

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Know your face makeup is a skill that often we learn from our mothers, friends or older sisters. Sometimes we imitate their styles because in them looks beautiful, but the shape of faces is not always the same, so each must be painted according to their features.

To not make mistakes in this process, here are some tips that gives the site
Mujeraldia.com :

makeup base for this type of face should be similar to your skin tone. With a darker tone, you must highlight the temples, the side of the cheeks and jaw to demarcate the face. Apply light spots under the eyes and around the lips,to focus the eyes on these places. Finally, applied flush on the cheek by placing in a triangular shape.
In this case you must shorten the face for that we must darken the chin, the top of the forehead and under the nose. The trick is to use two basic tones: one skin color and a darker forehead and chin.

In addition,
you should apply blush on the cheeks and highlight the eyes and lips to produce a semblance of shortening. The goal is to create an effect round face.
To reduce the hardness of your features highlights the center of the forehead, under the eyes and the tip of the chin. Now apply the darker shade on the hairline that is close to the temples and the corners of your jaw.
Best for this face is smooth features that are normally very marked. Use illuminator in the temple so that the jaw will not look as closely.

In addition, always try to choose lighter than the foundation and apply it
on the cheekbones and temples colors.


It is generally regarded as “perfect ,
” it is why you
can use almost all trends makeup . As a face so attractive, it is advisable that luzcas and not with flequillos tapes.

You can highlight your eyes and your lips as you wish.
With this face you can do anything because everything is permitted.

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