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Makeup tricks to enlarge the eyes and favor nail polish

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How are you? Today we want to tell you some of our beauty tips, to see what you think.

I declare myself a fan of makeup and cosmetics, but especially eye shadows. I love to hear my makeup well, I’ve always wanted to learn, so occasionally I get some instructional videos on Youtube and experiment with Corina. Sometimes I leave as a ‘monster’, but sometimes is pretty good, indeed, Cori and has a habit that I maquille the eyes … I guess I will not so bad!😉

Corina has some claritos eyes, honey-colored, bright colors so you feel good because they highlight the eye. Why always it seems makeup with black, blue shades or other dark shades. We really like the electric colors, but we must use them well because it is easy to spend and looking like a clown … We encourage you to try! 

The important thing is knowing how to use colors according to the occasion. For the day we usually use shades of light brown range to be more natural, and highlight the eye with dark shades at night to party. 

I have the smallest and dark eyes, so my challenge is to make them appear larger. For that I have some tricks like delineate the upper eyelid and blend the end. 

My technique is to apply three shades of the same color in different shades (to create dimension and depth), the halftone apply it on the eyelid, clear on the fixed eyelid and darker in the crease to accentuate (liner always on top of the shadows and into the lash line).  

Another trick for you have finite eyebrows is like us retrace them with pencil the same color. It makes the eye appear much larger.

For the more daring, false eyelashes are great for creating infarction eyes . If you are too exaggerated, you are able to cut and paste only at the end of the tabs so that simply look longer. Corina uses a lot to go to some event or special occasions, because they are quite uncomfortable to use daily.  

In addition to eye shadows, we really like nail polishes. We love to try different colors and combine them differently. Sometimes they turn out to be the best supplement. 

Now often they carry much enamels with glitter, so we decided to try, and really look good. As I said, sometimes it turns out to be the best complement. See that well I have been in these shoes!  

However, one problem I have is that I bite my nails since I was little, a hobby that, to my regret, is irremediable, because I’ve tried everything, and I never stopped. That’s why I’ve tried get these sticks of L ‘Oreal who have found very original, because they come in different colors and designs What do you think? It is a good alternative, right? 

Good girls, here we leave these of advice, though … I also would like to know yours! 

Tell us your tricks to always be beautiful!

Many kisses!


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