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The photoresists are a very important category in the pharmacy you can get more developing a clear strategy, in which some general goals and other specific are set, depending on whether they are solar facial or body. Thus, users get a sunscreen are made throughout the year and throughout the summer could be the first target. However, it should not be the only one; knowing ask the user to give the best advice is to steer the strategy.

Here are some of the tips offered Asuncion Arias, pharmaceutical and independent consultant, guests to the third Workshop A flor de piel, organized by CF at its headquarters in Madrid, with the collaboration of Ladival pharmacists.

  • “We must recommend a site who requests a moisturizer or a wrinkle because without it you will not get anything”

The general objective Arias stressed ensure that all customers entering the pharmacy “out with proper sun protection advice.” “That means -detalló- recommending a product that fits your fotototipo and skin type and needs.”

Another goal is to make the photoresist “putting it all summer,” and for that the user “has to perceive an immediate benefit.” “A person should be blotchy recommend a site that allows you to tan without getting stains out.”

The next step of the strategy will be divided into two subcategories solar: facial and body. According to the expert, the first “must be within fotenvejecimiento and be exposed to all year.” And he insists: “We must recommend a site who requests a moisturizer or a wrinkle because without it you will not get anything. And, he recalled that 80 percent of wrinkles are caused by the sun.

In addition, solar facial proposed a dual product placement in summer. “We’ll keep all year in photoaging and in those months also will with body”.

Arias noted that facial must also include depigmentation, topical and oral antioxidants and solar with color for users who do not want to follow a meticulous ritual of skin care.

Body category is seasonal and should be presented from May, although it also depends on which province the pharmacy is located.

As for how to sell solar facial and body, Arias said different strategies. Thus, facial commitment to implement a protocol based on five key sales: “The first is marked clear objectives, which can be seasonally adjusted selling solar and marked a particular month or year sale. The second is knowing ask the user to know your skin type and concerns.

The third is to find out what the cosmetic routine that follows and justify know when a product is used. The fourth key is to manage the sales pitch treatments, explaining them with a suitable leguaje. And finally, practice, practice. “

Although the five keys are important, namely asking is especially relevant because it involves making an “active listening” with the pharmacist showing interest in the concerns of the user (see table below).

With all the information, the pharmacist can suggest “a routine anti-aging protection” which begins with cleansing continues with the application of a repairing serum and a solar and concludes with the intake of antioxidant capsules.

To each his
strategy Arias recommended that the solar body is knowing recommend photoresists for lighter skin types and for darker. “IV Phototypes, V and VI and tan easily use a low factor. They have to recommend a FP 15, but with extra protection to repair DNA damage. A phototypes I, II and III have to advise high protection, but allows tans “(see next page). Requejo Angeles, pharmaceutical in Madrid and invited to the workshop, said the difficulty in selling plots with low protection at the pharmacy, “Whoever uses low protection does not go to the pharmacy and is very difficult to give them out.” This being true, the workshop attendees were encouraged to work to change these habits. To do this, he insisted on explaining that there are solar pharmacy for all users and skin type .

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