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Manual of final use of the concealer of dark circles and imperfections

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For many women the corrector is a staple among its makeup products. Hide dark circles and other imperfections becomes an obsession. But the inappropriate use of concealer can be much worse than his absence. We talked with three makeup artists to solve our doubts and help us make our manual definitive use of concealer.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are the main causes of our face look tired and a few years more. Therefore, the lower eyelid becomes a priority objective for many women. To do this we have the proofreaders . These products “miracle” are intended to cover and conceal dark circles and other skin imperfections as pimples, blemishes or redness.

Proofreaders to fulfill their function, however, we must make good use of them choose the right shade, apply it correctly and not abuse the product are the main premises of departure.

With the help of Yosuah Barea , make up artist YSL Spain; Eduardo Ferreira , makeup artist and artistic and training in Europe Bobbi Brown Director, and Pilar Lucas , hair & make up artist and blogger Mujerhoy.com, have written this manual final use of the corrector.

Preparation of area

To correct dark circles is important to use before a specific product for the area. “As in the face apply a serum or moisturizer, before the base, in the eye contour must apply a specific product, to decongest the area and bring light , ” says Yosuah Barea , make up artist YSL Spain.

Choice of tone …

You know what is the mask effect or panda eyes? It is particularly noticeable in the photos and is when part of the eyes appear lighter than the rest of the face. It occurs when you have used an inappropriate tone of concealer on dark circles , so that rather than conceal, are marked more. Well it is essential to avoid hitting the tone corrector.

“The right shade of concealer is related to the tone makeup and thus with the natural tone of your skin . The corrector has to be slightly lighter than the natural tone without being gray or artificial , “he advised Eduardo Ferreira , makeup artist and artistic and training in Europe Bobbi Brown Director.

Some cosmetic companies offer correctors in different colors are used to hide specific problems : salmon tone serves to hide the greenish dark circles; pink or white is suitable for white skins, barely dark circles; yellow neutralizes imperfections purplish; green beans is used to cover and redness. In any case, a tip: when you go to buy a corrector let yourself be advised by an expert to discern the tone.

… and texture

There correctors in pencil, cream, fluid, bar, gel … What to
choose? Take into account your skin type and your personal tastes.
“The texture must be moisturizing for not cracking of expression lines, and long lasting , so that no cracks over time , ” we recommend Eduardo Ferreira, makeup artist Bobbi Brown .

“Liquid cover less but provide greater hydration so are more suitable for mature skin. Cream correctors have an intermediate texture, cover more and are good for dry skin. Correctors stick and pencil have a denser texture and are more suitable for younger skin and fat , “advises us Yosuah Barea, make up artist of YSL .

How to Apply

Once you have prepared the outline of the eye and have the right concealer for your skin, you should apply ” from inside tear outwards, also under the lower lashes, with little touches with the tip of the ring finger and By feathering” advises us Pilar Lucas , hair & make up artist.

What do we do pimples, blotches and other imperfections?

Correctors are, as well as to hide dark circles, used to correct skin imperfections, but you can not use the same product for all areas of the face . You can not hide a pimple or a blemish using a concealer natural tone. Then you should opt to use color correction, depending on the problem you want to solve or a concealer darker tone.

Correctors versus illuminators

Pilar Lucas, hair & make up artist and blogger Mujerhoy.com, as we said in one of his posts : although they may seem, correctors and illuminators are not the same. “The corrector seeks to conceal imperfections, while the illuminator sublimates the most beautiful areas of your face” .

It is true that it is increasingly thin line that separates and for example in YSL , as we counted the make up artist Yosuah Barea ” use Touch Éclat to correct and light, which is changed tone . To correct we opted for a darker tone, always according to skin tone and makeup, while for light use the Touch Eclat No. 1, pink, which provides high brightness “.

In any case note that the illuminator will not only allow you to cover the eyecup . And the corrector can bring clarity , being a shade under makeup, but its function is to correct and not light .

In the gallery you can see 8 concealer products to banish dark circles and other imperfections.

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