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MartiDerm Christmas chests, a gift for your skin

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the holidays approach par excellence, voila here Christmas !. Shops lights, decorations in the streets and carols and polvorones, begin to be noticed. And you? Do you do anything special to be radiant these days?

MartiDerm, once again, is involved in that luzcas as ever, and you mimes as ever.
But when these special dates approach, we always find the perfect opportunity to give you a unique moment, how? With our
new gift boxes for Christmas , you can find products MartiDerm ideal for our daily lives, and help us have a healthier skin every day.

In it we

Photo-Age … Blisters

Blisters Platinum line are an excellent treatment action: moisturizing, firming, antioxidant and restorative.
Contain our famous
ProteoglicanosWith great moisturizing and firming capacity. He makes it a perfect ingredient for maintaining a firm, elastic skin and juicy.  Photo-Age ampoules containing 15% Pure Vitamin C . Its great antioxidant action is essential to prevent cellular aging. Also essential to stain treatments. Provide high brightness and unify the tone.

repairer and antiradical complex prevents and treats us the damage caused by solar radiation. This is a problem that affects us all. Every day, the face is exposed to external aggression and it is inevitable to accumulate damage. Photo-Age blisters help us to correct and prevent photoaging, acting as an adjuvant in depigmentation treatments .
Expression …

contour eyes and lips is the only 3 active capable of producing an effect bótox light, reducing and preventing lines and wrinkles .

In addition, two types of hyaluronic acid, gets an action fill the dreaded crow’s feet around the eyes, lip contour and its famous bar code as well as the nasolabial folds, the front and eyebrows.
Micellar solution …
foolproof effectively clean and remove makeup, face and eyes without irritating or drying thanks to the micelles Product.
It improves hydration and exerts an antioxidant action and soothing, by the presence of extracts Edelweiss flower .
Respects the pH of the skin and improves its status thanks to
prebiotic , reinforcing the microflora. The micellar solution of the Essentials range does not require rinsing.
75ml format makes it
ideal to take anywhere: escapades, travel, gym …
In it we
find: Alfa-Blistering Peeling …
is the flagship product in treating night.
Soft-peeling action makes them an excellent antiaging .
It Contains 10% alpha hydroxy acids, tolerable but very effective.
It makes it ideal for skin with low tolerance to treatment with glycolic acid, but need to reduce and correct imperfections. With continued use, we will reduce enlarged pores, wrinkles, blemishes or imperfections of any kind . Furthermore, our ampoules night use, moisturize and firm the action of hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight marine collagen. Sérum PROTEUM … It
is our sérum the Black Diamond line.
A global anti – aging serum that falls to each skin that test .
With its 5% PROTEUM 89
+ , 3.0 proteoglycans latest generation achieves a more hydrating, firming and protective action at the cellular level , able to act as a biological sunscreen. It contains antioxidant vitamins for action and a repairman at the DNA level, which repairs and rejuvenates the cell after 1 month of treatment.
PROTEUM serum is ideal for all skin types.
Both dry, mixed or fat. Tolerable even on sensitive skin.
Rapid absorption is perfect as a
prelude to the usual treatment cream, day or night pass. It can be applied after the use of Alpha-Peeling blisters daily routine .

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