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Measure hydration and melanin with a dermoanalyzer, useful for the dermo-advice in summer – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Personal attention is a key value at the pharmacy and, for that, the dermoanalizador is a device that can make a difference. “The various probes of the device offer the ability to use it throughout the year, but in summer which measures the melanin is most useful to advise the most appropriate to each individual solar factor , ” explains TodoDermo Miren Arana, forming the Microcaya dermoanalizadores mark. This expert says it would also be desirable to use the probe hydration : ” In addition to sun exposure, seawater or pool also damage the skin, so you have to moisturize with special attention during this time.” Arana remembers how to use these two probesin the case in the case of model MDS 1000:

– The probe pigmentation. “To measure the sun protection factor just we have to put this probe over an area slightly exposed to the sun , as can be the inner forearm, and directly on the display of dermoanalizador see the sun protection factor , ” he explains. On the other hand, it lets you control the spots and see if the pigmentation changes over time.

– The probe hydration. “It gets on the skin in the treatment area and indicates if the skin is dehydrated, prone to dehydration or hydrated”. With these data the pharmacist can recommend the most suitable product.


Visibility and promotion of this service are other key to get more out of summer dermoanalizador aspects. Arana said that since its Department of Marketing apothecaries give ideas on how to launch campaigns in every season : “In summer we focus on Luce messages like a safe tan or Your skin is prepared for the sun?”.

In the summer it is also essential selling other products dermofarmacia . “We have to keep in mind the cross – selling opportunities. For example, the client who comes to the pharmacy because he goes on holiday will need a sunscreen and exfoliating . So, we will use the sheets Corneofix dermoanalizador, serving for the amount of dead skin cells. ” ” We will not get a tan uniform , he adds , if we are dead skin cells, for this, we advise exfoliating and moisturizing for the days prior to exposure , ” said the trainer of Microcaya.

Products Nutricosmetics also can be exploited in these hot months, according to the expert, thinking people with white skin sensitive to sunlight. “For this, it is essential to make a preliminary analysis between 15 days and one month before sunbathing”, specifies.

To build customer loyalty Arana recommended track to see the evolution of treatment: ” We will try to give dating a month after the first consultation and thus check if we managed to improve hydration and, if necessary, maintain or change routines care depending on the time of year. “

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