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Moisturizing creams and antiestrías not to ‘break’ in pregnancy – Pharmacist Mail – Todo Dermo

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Stretch marks are scars form when skin is subjected to excessive stretching, losing their elasticity significantly. Specifically, “they are produced by the breakage of the fibers of collagen and elastin in the dermis due to changes that are triggered during gestation and are manifested in a progressive stretching of the skin. So the sooner you begin to adopt strategies to prevent them, the greater the effectiveness of these “explains José Manuel Miquel CF, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Alicante

In the prevention of anti – stretch creams and moisturizers are the most effective combination, experts say . In the case of anti – stretch, “help maintain elasticity and promote skin renewal by stimulating fibroblast activity , ” said Antonio Torres Fernandez, member of the COF Dermopharmacy La Coruna.

The key lies in this action assets that are formulated. These include gotu kola, oils of sweet almond, rosehip and argan, purcellin oil, shea butter, extracts of plant placenta, horse chestnut, arnica, vitamins A, E, C, D and E, amino acids, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), glycosaminoglycan, urea, allantoin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

“These substances, which can be used during pregnancy, regenerate collagen and elastin and increase hydration,” says José Manuel Miquel. But they are not the only assets useful; in fact, others, although they are very effective, should be avoided during pregnancy, such as retinoic acid, its teratogenic effect.

However, even with those that can be used in pregnancy is recommended to pay attention to how your skin reacts to them because, as stated by the member of the COF of Alicante, the skin of the mother becomes irritated more as a result of immunological and hormonal changes of pregnancy: ” it is common skin allergies occur more and have greater sensitivity, which motivates some previously tolerated cosmetics lead to reactions.”

In addition to cosmetic anti – stretch, it is important to ensure the appropriate levels of skin hydration. “Since the groove is a rupture of the dermis in influencing skin type and genetic (two aspects which can not act), we can do it is to nourish the skin tight ” advises Candy slab, vocal Dermopharmacy the COF of Guipuzcoa.

This applies hydration strategy on two fronts: external and internal. “The anti-stretch can be complemented with a body moisturizer, which applies similarly to anti-stretch. Masks applied in the gut when dry skin especially noticeable is another option.

The calendula containing, for example, greatly enhance the skin elasticity” he defends . As for care from within, Losa Drink plenty of fluids (water, juice and low – fat broths) and eating fruits, vegetables, foods rich in water and vitamins and minerals.

In addition to cosmetics, Torres insists on doing physical exercise to strengthen muscles and maintain skin tone: “In fact, it can be especially beneficial to the chest, one of the most vulnerable to the appearance of stretch marks areas”.

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