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Mom, I have a cough! Symptoms and tips for acting fast

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Colds, colds and other ailments related to the respiratory tract usually manifest with coughing. There are different types and help you identify and understand their causes.

Dry cough, cough, cough with wheezing, coughing … night or day. In a healthy person, cough can be considered as a mechanism hygiene is to keep clean the bronchi and trachea. It is a sudden and explosive breathing maneuver he wants to remove the material present in the airways.

Types of cough

  • Irritant: It is a dry, chronic cough and given both day and night. Usually in upper airway it sounds and typically occurs in winter accompanied by nasal drip. Their common causes are the common cold and inflammation of different parts of the respiratory tract, such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis or adenoiditis.
  • Whooping : Consists of accesses defined irritative dry cough and exacerbated, with five to ten forceful coughs followed by sudden and sonorous inspiration. It occurs when entering a foreign body and the body tries to expel him . However, it also can be caused by pertussis, a bacterial infection against which babies are vaccinated at two months. It is identified for being violent coughing spells every few minutes, leaving no child breathless, but between one crisis and another child is fine.
  • Perruna: This is a similar cough barking dogs can begin suddenly in the middle of the night and is accompanied by a loud and rough breathing that occurs during inspiration. It is due to inflammation of the larynx and trachea , and is usually caused by a viral infection . In addition, it can also be caused by allergies or changes in temperature at night.
  • Dry: Dry cough can be induced by exercise, fresh air or polluted environments, irritates the throat and has no mucus. However, coughing caused by asthma or bronchial hyperresponsiveness is also persistent dry. It is therefore important to hear this kind of cough, because if accompanied whistles or whistles the child is experiencing difficulty breathing due to inflammation of the lower respiratory tract (bronchi) and must consult a doctor to prescribe bronchodilators (aerosols ) should be required. Normally it seeks to eliminate cough because its presence causes more irritated bronchial increasing its swelling which causes more coughing, thus entering a vicious circle.
  • Productive: Cough accompanied by expectoration. Also known as ‘soft cough’ characterized by abundant mucus production. This cough is dense and often worse at night. Although not have snot nose, they are there, either in the throat or bronchi of the child, so it is important to remain vigilant and seek medical advice to indicate the appropriate treatment in each case. Normally a mucolytic that helps fluidization of mucus and promotes their expulsion. In these cases it is not recommended to interrupt cough as it makes its hygiene function and expectoration.
  • Nervosa: Dry or irritative, originated in stressful situations and is more common in adults than in children.

General advice cough

Although as we have seen, different types of cough are caused by so many different causes that require specific treatments if there are some basic tips that can be applied in almost all cases to at least partially mitigate cough.

  • Drink plenty of water: in addition to soften and relax your throat, if cough, water helps the mucus is more fluid and expels better.
  • Steam inhalations: provide relief in many types of cough and have no counterproductive effect. Dilates the airways improving air inlet.
  • Maintain moist environment: It can use humidifiers or with water containers placed on the radiators so that the environment is not dry.
  • Apply warm compresses on the upper chest, near the base of the neck to get a sedative effect of cough.
  • Knocking back on the side of the chest to facilitate the mobilization of bronchial secretions.
  • Sleeping with slightly raised trunk helps relax cough and promotes expectoration if any. To do this, instead of placing pillows under the child ‘s neck, which can lead to spinal problems, it is better to raise the top of the mattress.

In cases of cough perruna, brief exposure to cold outside air helps relieve cough . Dress your child well and takes a short walk down the street of ten or 15 minutes.

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