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More than 90% of babies would have some type of alteration in the skin – Pharmacist Post – All Dermo

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The company Ferrer

reported Monday that more than 90 percent of newborns

have some type of dermatological alteration, as discussed in

Dermopediatrics , the XII Course of Pediatric Dermatology, sponsored by the laboratory,

which was held these days in Barcelona and he collected these days to

more than 500 dermatologists and pediatricians, and where atopic dermatitis has

been one of the central axes.


explained from Ferrer, the percentage of appearance of alterations

dermatologic 2 percent decreases when considering frames

really pathological, and genetic cutaneous manifestations,

dermatological infections or nevus.
Meanwhile, atopic dermatitis

is the most common chronic disease in children, with up

to 20 percent prevalence in some industrialized countries.


Sellarès attached to the Pediatric Hospital of the University

of Vic (Barcelona), states that the cause of atopic dermatitis “is

multifactorial, with genetic predisposition ,
and a clear

interaction of environmental factors.”

also Sellarès reports that among the factors that increase the

onset of the disease are the use of antibiotics

in the first months of life, the Western diet, pollution ,

environmental or the highest standards of cleanliness.


Ferrer it explained that atopic skin has a dysfunction in the

skin barrier due in part to segregation few lipids or

fats, producing deprotection and dehydration of the skin as well

as its vulnerability to any external agent, especially the

Therefore, Paula Aguilera, dermatologist at the Hospital

Clínic of Barcelona, highlights the role of child photoprotection

based on the characteristics of the child’s skin characteristics, and appeals to the

awareness of adults about the importance of protecting



this edition of the Congress, the course has consisted of seven lessons

master, which were also discussed, particularly

children, mucosal diseases in children and

hair diseases.
Moreover, experts have analyzed the

infectious skin diseases in pediatrics and manifestations

skin of systemic diseases in children.

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