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My skin problems: Treatments for atopic dermatitis

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Several months ago, shortly after moving to Madrid, I began to notice many changes in my skin. It woke me with dry, swollen eyes, I constantly itched … Increasingly! …

My skin was getting dry and clear, both scratch increasingly irritated. He started to get out a very rare rash, and red spots all over his body, especially on the elbows, behind the knees and face.  

I, who am of avoiding hospitals I still on the verge of a mutation worried me so much I decided to go to the emergency room. And after four hours of waiting at last they treated me!  

I remember being felt not only worried, but rather sad and lonely … It was little time had come to Madrid and hardly knew anyone. I did not know very well handle me on the subway, I lost constantly and over had the feeling I was scared at me, there seem a monster! At that time only I wanted to be home with my mother to make me cuddles with a blanket and my dog ​​Poncho. I clung to that image, that idea, and the wait was not made me so eternal ….

I finally got the results as expected, were not good …  “You are suffering from atopic dermatitis” , said the doctor. I at least had no idea what it was … But of course, I am now like Wikipedia on this subject you give me the switch and put you on top of everything in a flash, plas ha ha ha …  

For those who do not know, atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema is a common skin condition that is more common in children and infants. The skin becomes dry and rough in some areas, then starts to ooze and if you do not treat time, they may form even blisters. It is a disease that has no cure, but it is treatable.  

I must say I had only one outbreak so strong. Since then I follow certain routines and care about my daily life so I would not happen again.  

Things I’ve changed for atopic dermatitis

Those who suffer from atopic need a much more specific in our skin care. For example, I hydrate the skin at least twice a day. Well with coconut oil, calming much itching, or particularly intense moisturizer for atopic skin.  

I had to stop me showers with very hot water , as I really dries the skin and causes itching to go further.  

I stopped to dress in wool and I spent cotton. And virtually all toiletries and beauty products I use, shampoo, moisturizers face and body, shower gel, soap hands, make – ups as and even laundry detergent try to be special for atopic skins, tested as products hipolergénicos or totally natural. And also I have in mind that they have not been tested on animals! In the gallery that accompanies the post I shared with you some of the products Avène, La Roche-Posay, Eucerin, Deliplus and The One (by Oriflame). 

I know it seems a lot of trouble, but it is not. It is only pamper your skin more avoiding sudden temperature changes, certain tissues and removing a chemical from your day.  

It has certainly been a big change in my life. You could say I started in Madrid with very bad foot. But … much worse happen in this life, right?

Let’s move on, to accept the changes and especially to care for and pamper yourself more than anyone!

I enjoyed sharing this very personal with you.  

I send many kisses, strength and hugs! 


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