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What are some natural remedies to get even skin?

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         “Natural Remedies To get Even Skin”

The sun is one of the major causes of the spots that arise in the face , mainly by exposing him without sufficient protection, leading to photo aging and other skin problems. Also, age and hormonal changes play a decisive role to stain the skin.

In addition, it is important to wash the skin before going out with some of these remedies and always use appropriate sunscreen to prevent future stains or worsening of existing ones . Take note!

1. Lemon

The juice of lemon is one of the most powerful anti-stainfound in our fridge. Simply apply it every night and wash your face when you wake up , because we must never exposed to the sun with this remedy.

2. Sugar

The  sugar  can be a perfect natural exfoliant to help regenerate the skin. In this case, we canmix it with lemon and apply it on sunspots for twenty minutes before bedtime. The next daynot forget wash the face and protect.

3. Olive oil

The hydrating, nourishing and regenerative properties of the olive oil  to the skin are known worldwide. We can use few drops of this on the area, alone or after any of the other remedies to brighten the skin and reduce stains.

4. Rosehip

Another of the most popular oils when disguise spots, blotches and scars is rosehip, as its regenerative properties help us improve gradually the appearance of the skin.

5. Milk

A very effective remedy for dark spots is the mixture of two tablespoons of milk with lemon juice , which we apply and wait for the area to dry. Then we can apply some Aloe Verato regenerate cells. Remember not exposetosun with this remedy.

6. Aloe Vera

can not forget here the Aloe vera , the gel may extend directly onto the stain to be bleached, heal and even help us as a bactericide . We can use it alone or after any of these remedies.

7. Cucumber

Cucumber has a high bleaching power , which makesperfect for this type masks. Cucumber and over then we’ll include five tablespoons with five other crushed parsley and as many sesame oil or wheat germ .

We’ll leavemarinate in a glass jar closed, storing it in a dark place for several days . Over time we will apply gauze for twenty minutes, washinglater.

8. Honey

One of the best ingredients to unify the tone of the face is the honey , for which we must apply it on the area and leave it for half an hour before washing.

Tomato 9.

The tomato juice can also be very effective to containvitamin A if mixed with the same amount of lemon juice . Applywith a cotton swab and let stand 20 minutes before rinsing.

10. Parsley

can make an infusion of parsley and apply daily on the face as a tonic to unify the tone.

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