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New Eucerin photoprotectors with anti-aging active ingredients – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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To reduce damage in the short and long term sun, scientists Eucerin created Sun Fluid Anti-Age , a solution “to prevent signs of photoaging and fight visible and no visible skin wrinkles” according to reports from the company.

New Eucerin Sun Fluids Anti-Age SPF 50 containing a combination of bioengineering uncrosslinked long and short chain , also used in its anti age Eucerin Hyaluron Filler range.
The benefits are:
• The long chain “is excellent for keeping moisture of the upper stratum corneum and smooth the surface of skin”.
• The short chain penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermisconsiguiendo a filler effect.
• The glycyrrhetinic acid protects cells from DNA damage caused by the sun through a mechanism of skin repair.
• The Licochalcone A has an anti-oxidant.
As Juan Arenas, Medical Advisor Eucerin, “free radicals induced by UV rays can trigger a reduction processes such as collagen and thus damaging the cell structure”. Licochalcone A strengthens the natural defense mechanisms of the skin. ”
Eucerin Sun Fluid Anti-Age has a smooth texture which “provides a durable matte finish. Thanks to its rapid absorption is perfect as a foundation for daily use and as combination with other products , “report from the laboratory.

The products have a non-comedogenic formula, free perfume and parabens and with high tolerance sensitive and sensitive skin and after peeling and laser treatments. It can also be used on a daily basis.

The recommended price is EUR 15.50 / 50 ml.

For people who do not want to give up tanning and protection, Eucerin launches Sun Creme SPF 50+ Tinted CC , a treatment that combines the effect of sunscreen with an immediate correction “skin to skin tone tan uniform and natural looking. It is available in a tone more dark skins and ridley.

Its high SPF “prevents pigmentation stains that darken with time the skin and prevents the appearance of new ones.” In addition, Sun Creme Tinted CC also contains color pigments “skin absorbs instantly , and do not accumulate in the fine lines or wrinkles allowing to cover and unify all skin types, even those prone to acne”.

The content of coloring pigments is less than in other bases, “allowing all shades suit equally to each individual color of skin resulting in a unified and natural complexion without mask effect or unwanted makeup lines”.
The product composition also includes glycyrrhetinic acid and licalcón A . The light texture of the cream is non-comedogenic and fragrance. Both products are suitable for sensitive skin.

The recommended price is EUR 15.50 / 50 ml.


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