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New solution, in clinics, for acne – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The acne is one of the most common skin conditions that affects eight out of ten people at some point in their lives and has its peak in adolescence, but can also persist into adulthood. Even after the skin has improved the physical and emotional scars of acne can be difficult to repair.

In many people, conventional acne treatments can create a variety of complications , from not going to work, to skin irritation and severe side effects. To help these patients has developed biophotonics therapy, a new technology for acne vulgaris.

  • It uses a unique conversion system light designed to stimulate and improve skin

Unlike other treatments, “the biophotonics technology uses a conversion system exclusive light designed to stimulate and improve skin , ” according to José Luis López Estebaranz, director of Dermomedic, one of the clinics in which this therapy is performed filed Monday in Madrid.

By LED light multiwavelength in combination with a fotoconversor gel “technology allows a range of wavelengths to penetrate the skin and thus, treat acne and stimulates collagen formation, which can help repair acne scars. “

In a clinical trial in which technology was used, nine out of ten people with moderate to severe acne noticed some improvement in the skin, while one of every three people got a clear skin without injury. Furthermore, 92 percent of patients who underwent follow up after the initial 12 – week trial maintained their results for at least six months .

  • Nine out of ten people with moderate to severe acne noticed some improvement in skin

In the trial, patients were administered the treatment twice a week for six weeks. skin improvements as the deepest planes were responding and skin repair occurred during the administration of treatment and after completion of this were observed.

Lopez Estebaranz, who is also a dermatologist at the Global Alliance against acne and professor at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, believes that “Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that affects many people in adolescence and in adulthood. Has been shown to suffer from acne has a high impact on self – esteem and quality of life. In fact, it is considered a factor that may influence the ability to interact and predispose to anxiety or depression. But, there are now comfortable and secure innovative solutions such as biophotonics therapy, which in a short period of time provide a very satisfactory result. “

Biophotonics therapy “is a new option in the treatment of acne aimed at people with moderate or severe the way , or already have scars on the skin caused by this disorder. Compared to other options, the application of fotoconversor gel with projecting waves of different lengths, gives the patient a comfortable experience. It does not require pre – analytical or monitoring and the patient can resume normal activities immediately after the PLENARY “n. In addition, “it improves skin texture and has a positive impact on collagen production.”

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