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New treatment to restore the face to its V shape – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Laborotorios Filorga has developed a Nutri-Filler to fight sagging face caused by age and that translates into a facial contour U – shaped rather than V , women own 20 years.

  • It contains argan oil, shea butter and liposomes ursolic acid

Responsible for this transformation are producing less lack of lipids in the skin and collagen and progressive migration of surface fat pads. Therefore, this cosmetic Filorga has developed three actions: dynamic nutrition by encouraging domestic production of ceramides; comprehensive restructuring of the tissues , with a dual effect on the protection and stimulation of collagen and elevation U area , thus reducing the surface of the chin and double chin.

In its formulation it has been included argan oil, shea butter and liposomes ursolic acid , in order to nourish the skin surface and restore suppleness and elasticity in depth. Specifically, argan oil stands out as both a nutritious, antioxidant and protective active while shea butter has healing properties of tissues. Ursolic acid, usually extracted from rosemary, heather, persimmons and apples, has anti – inflammatory action. It has been also stimulates the production of skin lipids, enabling the skin to its original smoothness. The product will be available in pharmacies in February at a price of 61 euros.

But the face is not the only one suffering sagging and signs of the passing years, also the body skin. Therefore, Filorga has launched Detox Body Teatment , a global body treatment acting on all parameters of aging, skin texture modifying and adjusting the appearance of the skin.

This product has a triple action: nourishing, detoxifying and embellishing . It is formulated with shea oil foam. This asset is rich in unsaponifiable lipids, vitamins A, D, E and F. Furthermore, since foam shea oil is absorbed more quickly and leaves no greasy feel. Dimers also contains quercetin, molecules produced from a flower extract Sophora Japonica by enzymatic bioconversion technology polyphenols.

These dimers stimulate natural detoxification systems of the skin and decrease oxidative damage. Detox Body Treatment includes a complex of three vegetable: butcher’s broom, rich in saponins that improve the functioning of the venous valves; goldenrod or Solidago, rich in flavonoids and lemon rind, which reduces capillary permeability and improves the resistance of blood vessels. This body cosmetic will to available pharmacies in February at a price of 29.90 euros.

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