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With the arrival of winter, cold and excessive heating are aggravating factors of rosacea, since they alter the immune barrier of the skin causing vascular inflammation annoying. Therefore, Uriage has launched the new Roséliane range for the full treatment of skin with rosacea which ensures high efficacy against redness, blotches and erythema.

This line operates in three key needs of the affected skin, ” Restores and strengthens the skin barrier, protects the vascular wall and regulates the immune reaction of the skin to prevent the appearance of redness” reports from the company.

This is thanks to the patented complex laboratory SK5R active that neutralizes the action of the enzyme responsible for inflammation and vasodilation (kallikrein 5) and TLR2-Regul , with a combination of plant extracts. In addition, its formulation is enhanced by the antiradical efficiency of thermal water of Uriage that decongests, hydrates and provides lasting comfort.

After several clinical studies in patients, Roseline has proven its efficiency with significant reduction in blotchiness, roughness and erythema in just 28 days . In addition, significant improvement of skin condition with the disappearance of the flushing sensation, tightness and redness shown.

The target range is to protect and treat rosacea care both everyday and special needs.

To this end, it has created three products for daily care. Among them, the CC Cream SPF30 , a pioneer corrective treatment that offers a triple action in a single gesture: evens the complexion while hydrating, softens redness thanks to its fluid natural beige color, and protects skin UV.

: Two creams tailored to the needs of each skin, decongest and soothe providing maximum comfort they are also available Roséliane Cream for normal and combination skin, and Roséliane Cream Rica , for those very dry. Both contain shea butter to provide comfort and pearlescent green tone to neutralize redness.

These three products more than add specific action:

• The anti-redness mask as intensive treatment that deeply moisturizes and soothes the feeling of acute acaloramiento.

• The fluid Dermolimpiador a daily hygiene care for face and eyes makeup remover gently, bringing freshness and soothing irritations.

• The care with colored , available in gold tone or sand, hide facial imperfections and soften skin avoiding tension.

All products are formulated without parabens and respect the skin physiology. At the same time, they have silky and delicate floral and fruity fragrance, offering a pleasant use textures.


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