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Mitosyl has launched two new products for

baby care:
Mitosyl Cradle Cap and Mitosyl Emollient Cream .

The first informs CF Cristina Moncliis, product manager division

Consumer Health Sanofi, “it contains a specific formula to solve this

problem affecting the scalp of babies composed acid

lactobionic, allantoin, extract betaine, hyaluronate sodium, d-panthenol

 and biolina. ”
This formulation, “makes addition to moisturize, exfoliate to

help remove flakes own Milky coast and prevent loss of

water from the skin.”

For application, product managers advise,

before bathing, apply a small amount of gel on the scalp

of the baby and massage the area, leave on for 30 minutes and rinse with


Skin with atopic tendency, the company has launched

Mitosyl Emollient Cream.
This product is formulated with shea butter,

macadamia oil and paraffin oil, “that nourish and lubricate the skin ,

as explained Monclús.
In addition, “the composition includes Arlasik, a component

patented reinforcing the lipid barrier of the dermis and improves its

It also takes urea and hyaluronate partner, “contributing

prolonged hydration” and triglycerides of corn oil, “that help

soothe the itching and irritation”.

Responsible for the company using the product advise

welts times daily, as needed, and spread the cream with a gentle massage,

to facilitate penetration of the skin clean and dry.

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