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Nieves Álvarez: “The best beauty treatment is to laugh and enjoy life”

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He has served 41 years , but Nieves Alvarez still has a sculpted body that lets you keep parading through the most emblematic, besides working as a designer, presenter and ambassador for several firms international catwalks. Close, friendly and gorgeous, we chatted with the model of beauty creams and care .

Nieves Alvarez not to. At 41 international top, born in Madrid, still parading in the most emblematic walkways, as in the last week of haute couture in Paris , where he became muse Stephane Rolland. Nieves Alvarez is also a designer and creator of the kidswear brand ‘N + V’ . As a great lover and connoisseur of fashion, model shares his knowledge with the public through a television program and its regular collaborations in the magazine Mujerhoy . Its beauty and proximity make image has been chosen different firms such as Perfume Rochas, Transitions Optical lenses, etc. In addition, Nieves Alvarez combines his professional career with family life and, with her husband, photographer Marco Severini Italian mother of 3 small.

On the occasion of the presentation in Spain of ZO Skin Health , the American brand of medical cosmetics with more than 30 years, and that Nieves Alvarez has been named godmother , we share with the model a nice talk in which he tells us some of their beauty tips to keep great. Nieves confesses that it is essential for consistency all year. ” I do not understand the bikini operation is more effective to take care of the whole year . As healthy, I exercise regularly and take care of my skin every day. “


The skin is your cover letter to life

For the model and presenter, the skin care is essential , “is our most important presentation letter, beautiful skin, no pimples, no stains is essential and why the daily care . My beauty ritual is the same in the morning than at night, changing products: tonic, serum and cream. By day, in addition, apply a sun protector always very natural and light makeup: mascara and blush. On a day to day I like to go natural but always made up . It makes me feel good, and that’s important to me. “

Nieves Alvarez says that never went to sleep without desmaquillarme. “They are 3 minutes, no matter how tired you are , you do not understand those women who can go to bed with makeup . I desmaquillo and always apply night cream and eye contour. In addition 2-3 times a week I make a peeling “. The model believes that “special treatment if you are consistent in your routines, it is not necessary, no products do miracles.” That brightness and texture of healthy skin using creams get daily . No use to apply a single week, do it all year. “

In addition, the Madrid model indicates that it is important to care for your skin in the best way possible , “put in the hands of a good dermatologist to recommend the cream that you do well for your skin type and you work.” As ambassador medical cosmetics firm Zo Skin Health, Nieves takes 2 months treatment prescribed by Dr. Ricardo Ruiz. “For me, the best guarantee of the brand ZO Skin Health is that whoever is the specialist advised me. I went to see Dr. Ricardo Ruiz and saw what my skin needed. Depending on my lifestyle and needs he decided what products and how I should use them to have healthy skin and fight the signs of aging. For me, there is no better endorsement. “


Regular exercise and hydration

But in addition to facial skin care, Nieves pays close attention to your body, thus exercising, and hydrating the skin. “I work with a trainer and I go to dance classes once a week to keep fit. In addition, whenever I can I visit the beauty center Yébenes Maribel where I do massage leg, I spend many hours standing and to improve circulation need to take care legs “.

Hair is another of the parts of the body that pays special attention Nieves. “For my work, my hair suffers a lot , so much punishment and I have to take care to keep it healthy. I hydrate me a lot and often short . I’m not afraid scissors, unlike, I like change usually look and prefer cut and have healthy and beautiful. Cheska care in my hair, both with cut as color “. And it is that Nieves Alvarez confesses that “although it would release left gray hair” (something that is becoming fashionable), is not a fan of this trend.

Just turned 41, Nieves Alvarez feels wonderful. No Outstanding age is not important figure, or need to modify your lifestyle to fulfill years. The important thing is the attitude you have toward life. ” To conclude our discussion, we have asked Nieves beauty advice for our readers and the model has not doubted ” the best beauty treatment you can have is to laugh and enjoy every moment of life”.


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