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Nine beauty tricks to show off radiant skin

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The important thing to get the ideal skin is to
use products with a powerful antioxidant , which produces a gentle exfoliation, tightens pores and has immediate effect on your skin . Other tricks are to use products containing high sun protection factor throughout the year, to protect your skin from UVA / UVB rays and all external agents make your skin is increasingly duller with the passage of time .

1. It is very important to moisturize your skin daily and it always uses two key products twice a day. In the morning before makeup and at night before bed, with the skin clean and free of dirt or makeup, always applies: first the serum and then the cream.

2. Prepare the skin : it is essential to moisturize in depth to set the makeup evenly. Apply a few drops of serum, and then your moisturizer with a gentle massage. So, we get hydration, protection and effect good face instantly.

3. After moisturize, applies a base with silicone before makeup , have a filling effect. They leave the skin smoother and makeup joins your skin better, last longer.

4. Select a liquid silicone base. Not choose solid bases are very dry and help make more all lines and wrinkles. Select them and little heavy moisturizing cream, they cover the same. If you needed more coverage pigment selected more no less light color. Use sparingly, if wear layers and layers, marcarás more lines and wrinkles. Flees solid bases.

5. For uniform application must extend a small amount of product on the back of the hand , then with a brush for foundation, we extend starting from the center of the face as well as more irregular or reddened areas thereof. Then we continue with the rest of the face.

6. Hide imperfections using a concealer or concealer in all small darker spots or specks, helping finger and small dabs. If they are reddish I advise you to use a yellow concealer. If the corrector is solid sure it is fully dimmed on your skin.

7. Define the features: a perfect face ends up highlighting the best of its features. Uses a highlighter on the cheekbones just below the temples, tap the center of the nose and a little touch on the chin. With bronzer or blusher browner define the contours of your face, a touch below the cheekbones with a brush will help you score more cheekbones.

8. matificar powders: to finish seal and prevent flare up have to use powder with a brush. The only apply on the forehead, nose and chin. What about in the brush we can extend over the eyelids to the shadow set better.

9. A touch of mascara eyes widen, a well – groomed eyebrows frame the face naturally and a little blush on the cheeks gives good face. We finished with gloss on the lips to define its shape.


–  Serum Dior Capture Total: 75 € approx.
–  Serum Intense Firming Serum-Eveloom : 75 € approx.
Serum-Youth Age-Defying Concentrate Supreme Serum-Zelens : 120 € approx.

–  Serum Serum Olay Regenerist 3 areas : 40 € approx.

–  Base lissante – MAC Prep + Prime : 30 € approx.
–  Base Lissante Sephora : 18 € approx.
–  Bases MakeUp Base Cover Expert by Terry.

Bases YSL Matt Touch Foundation : 40 € approx.

Bases Anti-Age Foundation SPF 15 Kiko : 16 € approx.
–  Concealer Concealer Wheel-Color Correction Kiko : 13 € approx.
–  Corrector-Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer : 26 € approx.

Happy week, until my next post!

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