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No perfumes or parabens, ideal cosmetics for the patient with lupus – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Dermocosmetic advice for people with lupus should follow the same rule: products without chemical additives that can irritate the skin. He explains to TodoDermo Antoni Torres, eying the Federation of Chemists of Catalonia (FEFAC): “Any cream or lotion should not contain perfumes and parabens because these components activate the immune system because it is a sensitive skin “ . On the occasion of the day Frena the sun slows lupus , driven by FEFAC, the COF of the Balearic Islands and the Balearic Islands Lupus Association (Aiblupus), with the collaboration of the Cooperative d’Apotecaris, Alliance Healthcare and Ferrer, Torres dermatological lists a number of recommendations for those suffering from this disease:

1. Always use sunscreens. ” It is essential to prevent worsening of lupus , ” says Torres. On mouth guards he warns that “are a supplement can not replace the physical factor”. To emphasize its importance, the campaign presented on Thursday aims to facilitate access to photoresists through the pharmacy with reduced prices.

2. Using a serum antioxidant. ” It is the first cosmetic to be applied before leaving home , ” he specified.

3. Base with sunscreen. Routine care should begin with a serum , followed by a sunscreen and, if desired, finish with makeup.

4. Hydration with neutral formulas. “Instead of pointing assets should include, it must be stressed that we have to do without , ” he insists Torres referring to the absence of parabens and perfumes. “This will also move to daily hygiene using neutral soaps” he adds.


Another aspect that underscores this initiative is the involvement of the apothecary cross in the care of patients with lupus. “The channel Pharmacy is a reference point for users to find quality information therefore encourage you to talk with their usual illness pharmacist, because although not an expert, once asked advice, It will form “the president of FEFAC. “We have to translate the concept of security that we provide both quality products and recommendations” he says.

In his view, doctors, pharmacists and patients need to work together because all the players in the system are essential and Index on “the need for this premise will not remain in discourse and reality through acts like this which has enjoyed the participation of Lucio Pallarés, coordinator of the Unit of systemic autoimmune diseases at the University Hospital Son Espases, Mallorca “.

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