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One year 2012 without stress: 12 tips for 12 months

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Stop melancholy post holidays! Yes, really it exists

and can last several days.
A university professor in

Cardiff (UK) has determined, based on a formula

mathematical rough, the worst day of the year is the third

Monday in January … To overcome this critical moment,

to encourage you
with some magnesium
, mineral antistress .
Get it drinking mineral water rich in it (Lanjaron, Sierra

Sanchis, sun Font, Font del Pi ….) And
chooses to eat more lentils,

spinach, almonds and black chocolate
. And, if you feel you

tremble eyelids, a symptom of deficiency of this mineral,

uses a supplement pharmacy for a month.


Ususi Reiki is a technique of Japanese relaxation manually

using the laying on
of hands to channel

vital energy.
Its aim is to ‘rebuild’ the body schema

to better reunify the spirit when stress tends to disperse

or block.
A Reiki session can last between

45 minutes and an hour
. At the beginning of it, you will remain

lying on a table while the specialist will
attempt to create

a relaxing atmosphere that allows contact with energy

and universal own.
Then, placing his hands go in

a certain way on specific areas of your body

suffering an energy blockade to go harmonizing.

promises benefits as accelerate the process of self – healing

of the body, strengthen the immune system,

eliminate toxins
and, what interests us most, get them to

say goodbye to stress quickly.


In March, we ‘ll lose one hour . What is the impact of

the time change as our barometer of stress?

it’s time to try the cold showers . In

the US, a research has shown that
simply move

five minutes a day under a shower at 20 ° C
to cause a

significant electrical influx in
the brain, can have

an antidepressant effect.
His colleagues have raised the bar even higher

and found that this system has a
positive effect on

fatigue and anxiety.
To use this method,
it is best to

At first stay just one minute under

cold water
. Try increasing the time a little more each day

until you
reach five minutes beneficial.


Leave aside the diet to lose weight , you’re going to stress

from counting calories, and spend the regime of good

Fill your fridge everything you need: oily fish

(salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, mullet, anchovies …) for

its richness in omega 3, an essential fatty acid for the system

whole grains (oats, pasta and rice …),

because they are rich in B vitamins that help set the

and many fruits and vegetables . Added to the menu two ounces

of black chocolate (with 70% minimum cocoa) per day and

a handful of magnesium –
rich nuts and a final touch

anti everyday stress:
sprinkle your salad with a little

yeast or wheat germ .

  • MAY: Join the GREEN LEISURE 

What if the huertoterapia evidence? Or what is the same,

empty your head working in your small garden (or balcony).

Gardening is without doubt a true remedy

against stress.
A study conducted by doctors in New

York (USA) has demonstrated its benefits in people operated

After the intervention, which had

done gardening activities had a heart rate

more stable and more peaceful state of mind.


Need a push to apobar the final exam?
Try ‘adaptogen’ plants, such as ginseng or

, which help us adapt in more situations

And notes another that will help
in case of stress or

passenger fatigue: rhodiola rosea
, which decreases the rate of

cortisol, and is ideal for overcoming any test that requires effort

mentally, as it improves congnitivas functions: attention and

concentration, learning and memory.
Reasons to start

treatment with her three weeks before the key date.


Finally you have a few days off to dedicate time

to yourself.
In passing, we propose to discover a few

techniques you stress help maintain calm during

your holiday period.
Give yourself books that will help you find

the balance, for example, ‘The art of not bitter life’

(Ed. Paidós) Psychologist Rafael Santandreu or ‘How to

anxiety’ (Ed. Pyramid) of Izabela psychologist

Thanks to them you can get to know how they work

traps of mind in everyday
life , and be able to rediscover

the long –
awaited peace. The result? Very easy: nobody will win

a zen return from your summer vacation.


On paper, this always seems the best resolution.

But how is it done?
Doing so difficult to say

One of the most persistent parental recommendations (which

condition the children and therefore the future)
is ‘behave yourself’ .
When we are adults, we keep trying to be good , because,

deep down
, we fear losing love the other and that is the main

obstacle to say no.
But it’s time to

So when someone asks you something you do not want to

say no and explain why . And if the party reiterates its

request, he gives the same answer without changing pitch.

  • OCTOBER: learn to breathe 

Antistress professionals believe in consistency

The idea is to slow breathing and, in this

way, to also slow the heart rate
. So, we will

overwhelm less and take away from the events,

simply because we stop producing cortisol, the

stress hormone, and increased defenses.
To put it into

is a time and concentrate on breathing

(and only that) for 15 minutes
. The next day, count your

cycles of inspiration / expiration and try to
gradually reduce them

to reach 5 cpm (cycles per minute).

  • NOVEMBER: Dedicate yourself to bibliotherapy 

When the days shorten you may feel discouraged.
Why not looking for a ray of sunshine in a book? This is the

beginning of bibliotherapy, a method which cures through

Remember that
every 30 seconds a new book is published

and 163 lives would
need to read the works for sale on Amazon

If you want to
try in a way directed
at the web School of life  will help . After

responding to a comprehensive questionnaire, they
‘ll prescribe one

novel ACADA problem (about which you speak later with

one biblioterapeuta).
Reading has always been the best medicine.

  • DECEMBER: GOODBYE perfectionism 

Try to be ‘optimalista’ instead of a
, because,

if you
want to do everything right, you risk damaging it

“Perfectionism creates stress , says the psychiatrist

Frenchman Christophe André author of ‘self –
esteem Practices’ (Ed

Kairos) – because just condemning our actions to success or

failure and only that, without any possible nuance”.
How to become

imperfect and be happy?
With practice
. For example, during the

Christmas shopping estrésate least stop thinking so

(the gift) and enjoying the search phase
. This will allow you,

if you
do not get the gift you had in mind, choose something else without

judging yourself
for not having achieved your goal.

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