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Only one minute per month of exploration to prevent skin cancer – Pharmacy Mail – All Dermo

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“The body ‘s self – examination to detect precancerous skin lesions should be done throughout the population and at least once a month.” This was stated by Eduardo Nagore, Clinical Chief of Dermatology at the Valencian Institute of Oncology (IVO), during the presentation of the last campaign Euromelanoma 2014 , driven by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) and presented last week Madrid.

“Self-examination is an act that lasts a minute and can save lives,” he said. However, there are few who do, even patients at high risk for an injury of this type or that have already suffered. In fact, according to a study at his school, “only 85 percent of patients at risk is autoexplora once a month.” Of these, “only 75 percent do so completely, that is, which are revised to areas of the body that are not so exposed.” And it is that as Nagore explains, “so important is explored visible areas such as invisible as only 60 percent of melanomas appear in visible areas and the most aggressive are often those who are not, by late detection “. These areas would be, among others, the soles of the feet and scalp.

On the most common areas of appearance of skin by the sun, Isabel Longo, the Department of Dermatology at Hospital Gómez Ulla, Madrid injuries, reports that “Melanoma most often appears on the trunk of men and legs women; non-melanoma skin cancer, however, develops most often in the face and scalp, affecting more men (80 percent).

What must be clear is that “skin cancer can affect anyone,” said Longo, whose statements corroborated the vice president of the AEDV, Paul Lazarus, who said, “If it is true that everyone can having this tumor, those with a higher risk are those whose skin is white, with blond or red hair, light eyes and burn easily in the sun “.

Among preventive measures, all experts recalled the importance of not bask in the middle of the day, using physical filters (clothes and umbrella) and a suitable photoresist to skin type and in generous quantities.

In this regard they stressed the importance of the pharmacist recommending the best cream for every skin type or situation. “The more fat that is, greater penetration, retention and filtration has,” said Lazarus, so “these lotions would be ideal for those who have no habit of reapplying sunscreen”. For users with oily skin and hairy areas, “are recommended as the gel formulations, less fat”.

On the use of Nutricosmetics for the sun, Lazarus warned that “these products do not protect from the sun, or prevent the onset of cancerous lesions, only help regenerate skin cell damage, but in no case fotoprotegen”. Despite this, “there are users who take them as if they were photoresists.”

Therefore, he insisted that “at the request of a nutricosmetic the sun must report to good use is made of them.”


Who is affected SKIN CANCER?
It is more common in older people. It is important that people over 50, especially if they have risk factors (family history of skin cancer, history of intense sun exposure, fair skin or multiple moles).

You can give your face in different locations. Melanoma most often appears on the trunk in men (50 percent) and legs in women (between limbs and trunk, 30 percent), while the skin cancer melanoma is not developed more frequently in the area face and scalp.

How much you have to put CREAM?
Galore. The recommended dose is theoretical 2 mg per cm2, but as a practical rule is recommended to apply a sufficient amount to cover homogenously the entire exposed surface.

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