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The skin is extremely delicate. living skin of our body, it expresses all the tension exerted on the individual: joy, sadness, stress, fear … However, the skin is subjected constantly to many external factors: pollution, sun …. It is therefore very important to feed our skin every day to make it stronger and more beautiful.
Beauty womanOur skin must be the object of our attention. Morning and evening, once cleansed, cleave to offer the benefits of an enriched care active ingredients that meet its requirements.

Water is a precious element for the skin.
But over time, the skin tends to become drier. It is important to drink plenty of water to fight against skin dehydration.

Tobacco, prolonged sun exposure are also sources of aggression to our skin.
It is therefore necessary to reduce the maximum.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will help you refuel vitamins essential to the good health of your skin:
vitamins A, C, E and B10 in particular.

Also watch your intake of
fatty acidsand amino acids . They play a major role in the renewal of skin cell membranes. The oils of borage and evening primrose as well as fish oils provide you with fatty acids and amino acids in abundance.
Your skin is a natural wonder, so take care of it!
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